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The Best Sharpshooting Build in NBA 2K20

Introduction NBA 2K20 allows its players to live out their basketball fantasies with its MyPlayer feature. Want a player who is dominant in the post …

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5 Smart Ways to Stay Healthy During A Long Gaming Session | Fanatical Five

Kingdom Hearts 3, Apex Legends, Overwatch, and other games are becoming really hard to put down. While there’s nothing wrong with have a marathon session …

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Tracer Tip Guide

The Cavalry’s Here! | A Tracer Tip Guide

Veterans and newbies alike can benefit from this tip guide for playing Overwatch’s fastest hero, Tracer, from The Game Fanatics.

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Overwatch Hero Tips: Symmetra Reporting

With Season 4 of Overwatch underway, The Game Fanatics have come up with a few tips and tricks for our favorite non-healing support Symmetra.

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Overwatch Hero Tips: Sombra Online

Sombra might be Overwatch’s most confusing hero, in four months no one has apparently been able to pin her down. Maybe The Game Fanatics can shed some light on mastering Sombra.

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Lucio Tip Guide Overwatch

Overwatch Hero Tips: Lucio Turning It Up

A comprehensive Lucio tip guide to Overwatch’s most mobile hero. Provide the support your team needs to climb in Overwatch season 4.

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Final Fantasy XV Tips to Get You Started | Fanatical Five

Christmas came early for  gamers with the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV this week. After years of anticipation, the game was finally released …

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Five Ways to Combat Video Game Salt | Fanatical Five

Video games have their moments when you can’t help but feel the whole world is against you, frustration eventually leads to salty feelings. Those feelings …

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Overwatch Competitive Play Now Up and Running on Consoles

Overwatch on PS4 and Xbox One has received an update which includes hero nerfs and bug fixes as well as the new Competitive Play mode.

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How to Set Up PlayStation 4 Remote Play and Stream Your PS4 Games to Your Mac or PC

PlayStation 4 just got a little more mobile thanks to their latest update. As of April 6th PS4 users can now play some good old console action on their PC or Mac thanks to the new Remote Play feature.

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