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PlayStation 4 exclusives

Five Most Exciting PlayStation 4 Exclusives Coming in 2016 | Fanatical Five

There’s a raft of PlayStation 4 exclusives coming in 2016, and these are the five most exciting games to be included in that prestigious line-up.

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Xbox One Exclusives

Five Most Exciting Xbox One Exclusives Coming in 2016 | Fanatical Five

It looks like Microsoft’s going to have a bumper year in 2016, especially if these five Xbox One exclusives are anything to go by.

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Nintendo in 2016

Five Reason to be Excited for Nintendo in 2016 | Fanatical Five

Nintendo in 2016 may be a much different entity than in years past. These five factors, among others, may be the main reasons why that …

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Christmas Theme

Top Five Games That Could Use A Christmas Theme | Fanatical Five

A Christmas theme in a game is sometimes so delightfully inappropriate that it’s tough not to feel the cheer of the season.

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Five Most Exciting PC Exclusives Coming in 2016

Five Most Exciting PC Exclusives Coming in 2016 | Fanatical Five

As 2016 peeks over the horizon and slowly crawls into the light, these are five of the most hotly anticipated PC exclusives coming with it.

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Five Most Ridiculous Weapons in Video Games | Fanatical Five

Ridiculous weapons in video games are nothing new, and some of the best ones even have a function beyond looking completely goofy.

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video game sequels

Top Five Video Game Sequels That Need to Happen | Fanatical Five

So many video game sequels are coming to so many franchises these days, but why not these ones? Here are my top five sequel candidates.

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NBA 2K16 features

Confirmed NBA 2K16 Features We’re Most Excited About | Fanatical Five

A look at the five NBA 2K16 features we’re most excited to see come to the court.

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Our 5 Favorite Video Game Spin-Offs | Fanatical Five

In light of the absolutely horrible reception of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, let’s examine five great video game spin-offs.

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Fanatical Five | 5 Villains We Want to See in the Upcoming Batman Film

With Comic Con over, we’re going to take a look at five Batman villains that could or should make it on screen opposite of Batfleck.

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Fanatical Five | 5 Things We Want to See in Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is definitely looking to be on the right track. Here are five things we would like to see in Nathan Drake’s next adventure.

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Fanatical Five | Top 5 Indie Games We’re Playing This Week

This list is a compilation of the five best indie titles that we, here at TGF, are playing this week.

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Fanatical Five | 5 Reasons Why a Nintendo Wii U Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

Why should you pick up a Wii U this holiday season? It’s all about the games.

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