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Top 5 Games Still Coming Out in 2017 You May Have Forgotten About | Fanatical Five

Here’s a list of 5 games still coming out in 2017 you may have forgotten about, like (maybe) we did.

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Top Five Best Hug World Fanatical Five Featured Image

The Top Five Best Hub Worlds | Fanatical Five

The hub world is the beating heart of some of the greatest games of all time. Here’s our picks for the five best hub worlds in video games.

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Nintendo Switch Online Might Be Cheaper Than You Think

5 Games We Want To See From Nintendo | E3 2017

It’s that time of year again, folks! What will Nintendo have up their sleeves to impress us this year at E3? Here is the list of games that would make you want to buy a Switch!

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5 All Around E3 Predictions | E3 2017

Here are five big predictions for what we may have in store at E3 2017. What will Microsoft focus on? Will Sony abandon VR?

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Milo Kinect Project Natal Crazy E3 Gimmick

Five Crazy E3 Gimmicks (That Totally Didn’t Work) | Fanatical Five

E3 is a magical time of the year where game announcements, demonstrations, and insanely intricate booths collide for an entertaining and revealing hand-full of days. …

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Five Crazy E3 Gimmicks (That Totally Worked) | Fanatical Five

With E3 2017 just around the corner, here is The Game Fanatic’s list of 5 crazy E3 gimmicks that totally worked.

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5 Games We Want To See At The Bethesda Showcase | E3 2017

Bethesda’s E3 Showcase is about to happen, here are 5 games we want to see at their presentation!

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5 Games We Want From the PlayStation Media Showcase | E3 2017

PlayStation’s 2017 E3 Media Showcase will soon be upon us and here is what games we are hoping will make the cut.

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5 Lesser Known Games We Hope to See at E3 2017 | Fanatical Five

E3 2017 is looking to bring the blockbusters but will see these hidden gems at the show?

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Destiny 2 Reveal

5 Changes We’re Glad To See in Destiny 2 | Fanatical Five

Bungie & Activision revealed a massive load of content regarding their upcoming release Destiny 2. Here are our top 5 things that make us excited to create our Guardian and dive into this sci-fi shoot and loot.

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Sega games on PC Bayonetta 2

Five Sega Games That Need PC Ports | Fanatical Five

In light of Sega announcing a push for more of their games on PC and a revival of their old classics, we have put together this Fanatical Five for games we’d love to see a second chance.

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SXSW 2017

5 Best Films From SXSW 2017 | Fanatical Five

SXSW 2017 had a great slate of films and these were the standouts for us here at The Game Fanatics!

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Our Five Favorite 3D Platformers | Fanatical Five

With its whimsical music and colorful characters, Yooka-Laylee brings back memories of a classic genre. Check out our 5 favorite 3D platformers.

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