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Comics and The Gender Gap

How to Save Money While Collecting Comics

You Mean There’s More to Comics Than Capes and Spandex Tights?

Awesome Marvel X Hip-Hop Variant covers

pre-pax pokemon themed party

Sorry, This pre-Pax Pokemon Themed Party is Not Available Due to Copyright

Pre-PAX Pokemon themed party gets shut down by Nintendo for copyright reasons.

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Black Panther Concept Art The Game Fanatics

‘Civil War’ Set Photos Reveal First Look at Black Panther

Today, Marvel fans got a quick glance at one of the future heroes of the MCU, Black Panther on the set of Captain America: Civil War.

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New Mega Bloks Halo 5: Guardians Collectibles Revealed

Halo 5: Guardians is the next step in Master Chief’s journey and we’re getting a Mega Bloks Halo collection in anticipation for its release.

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Behold the Power of Rock with SSX on Tour | Music Monday

Behold the Power of Rock with SSX on Tour | Music Monday

Immersion is a key part of every video game. Sometimes you’re drawn in by the environment and its characters. Other times it’s the gameplay itself …

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Wave 5 Amiibo Release Dates Revealed

Attention all Amiibo Hunters! Prepare those wallets and web browsers, because the North American release date’s for the wave 5 Amiibo’s has been revealed!

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NBA 2K16 Gets Some Impressive Screenshots and New Raptor’s Jerseys

2K Sports has been busy lately, showcasing three new screenshots for NBA 2K16 and unveiling the new Toronto Raptors’ Jerseys with the help of Drake

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Deadpool The Game Fanatics

Deadpool Shows Hollywood How Teaser Trailers Are Supposed to Be Done

Fans have been clamoring for the wide release of the Deadpool trailer since the San Diego Comic-Con trailer leaked and got such a great response; 20th Century Fox did the next best thing and released the teaser trailer.

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Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Needs to Be on the Next UFC Game’s Cover

Although, the next UFC game cover will be left to a vote maybe EA should abandon that and make Ronda Rousey the next cover athlete.

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Are We Overreacting to the Rock Band 4 Tracklist? | Music Monday

A sample of the Rock Band 4 tracklist is on display on the Rock Band 4 website. Part of the “issue” with doing yet another …

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The Red Ash Kickstarter Continues to be Absurd

Red Ash should have been a gold mine according to recent trends, but instead drags Comcept and Keiji Inafune’s image through the mud.

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Esports Organizer, ESL, Will Start to Police Peformance Enhancing Drugs

The eSports organizer, ESL, will start to take steps towards the prevention of the use of performance enhancing drugs in their tournaments.

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Drake, Meek Mill Beef is Proof We Need a New Def Jam: Fight for NY Game

Meek Mill and Drake recent social media ‘beef’ is the reason we need a new Def Jam fighting game

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Hip hop variants

Comics Rule Everything Around Me – Marvel to Release Hip-Hop Variant Covers

This fall, Marvel will release unique Hip-Hop Variant covers honoring some of the most iconic rap albums.

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