Capture Devices Are Currently On Sale On Amazon

Looking to become the next YouTube or Twitch.TV sensation? You’re going to need a capture device in order to do so. Lucky for you, they’re on sale over on Amazon.

A listing on Amazon shows the HD PVR 2 at $152.05, some 24% off its normal price of $199.99. Hauppauge, the manufacturer of the capture card, is listed as the seller, so there’s no need to worry about middle men and what-not.

Elegato’s GameCapture HD is listed at 23% off ($138.91). The GameCapture HD60 also has a discount, but it’s only at 11% for a sale price of $159.99. Roxio’s line of capture devices are seeing sales across the board.

Keep in mind that certain capture devices may not work with newer systems. It’s important to check the specifications of each device before purchasing. Despite the fact that they’re on sale, they still cost a pretty penny. Make sure you spend your dollars wisely.

Per our own Tom Dearsly, Amazon UK is not having a sale on these devices. Sorry, international folks.


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