Capcom Targets Used Game Buyers: Once You Beat It, You Can't Replay It

Do you love buying games? Do you love to save money? Do you love gaming in general? A lot of gamers this generation have resorted to buying used copies of games to save mass amounts of money. We’ve found out that publishers don’t like this because it takes away from their profit. Some companies like EA have started charging for online features for games such as battlefield, Madden, & many more. If you think that’s bad…that is nothing compared to what Capcom has in store for the gaming market.

The newly awaited Nintendo 3DS title Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D is set to be a great game for all portable gamers, but it comes with a high cost. Capcom recently announced that once the game is completed and finished, you can never start fresh ever again. Meaning, If you beat that game and collect everything..the next person can’t reset the game to get the full experience out of that game. They will have to start where you left off and play the game getting the minimum amount of experience a full game has to offer. The UK gaming instruction manual clearly states “saved data on this software cannot be reset”.

Look, I know these developers and publishers have families and they work hard for their money just like anyone else, but this is just ridiculous. Your ruining not only a tradition of video games that has been around forever, but the motive for buying video games in general. Who really wants to buy a high priced game and not get what they paid for? Rightfully, that person paid for a FULL COPY of that game, and your taking that away. I don’t agree with Capcom at all, this is not right in any sort of way, and if it continues Capcom will surely run there selves into the ground.

My last thoughts on this topic are brief and to the point. Why penalize your fans at the expense of your wallet? If you really cared about “the fans” you would accept the small lost, and continue to create more games for your fans to play. There will always be those die hard day one pick up fans, and then there are the less fortunate ones that still support you. When companies make moves like this, it really shows how much they actually care for the fans. In this case, it seems as if Capcom doesn’t care at all.

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