Capcom Reveals Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Preorder Exclusives

If you’re like me, you’re ready to use your Kinect other than playing Dance Central and commanding it to play Netflix movies. Coming out June 19th, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor promises an immersive hardcore experience that’s sorely lacking in Microsoft’s high tech peripheral.  Capcom has announced preorder bonus to trick out your Vertical Tank.

Three separate preorder incentives are available depending where you preorder them from.

The Iron Guardian Armory gives you two bonuses, the Rock armor and the Jaguar armor. The Rock armor gives you increases your defenses, letting you take more hits, while the Jaguar armor increases your speed. The Iron Guardian Armory is available to those that preorder at Game Stop.

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The Chrome Blitzer Armory gives your Vertical Tank increased offensive power with Impact armor and Tiger armor. Impact armor allows you to outmaneuver your opponents with faster turning, and the Tiger armor ups for offensive power. Gamers that preorder at Best Buy will receive the Chrome Blitzer Armory.

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The Carbon Assassin Armor caters to pilots who want to hang back and riddle their opponent with bullets. Storm armor increases your VT’s shooting range, letting you snipe your opponents from faraway. The Savannah armor lets you strike targets with increased shooting velocity. Preorder at Amazon to receive the Carbon Assassin armor.

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It is not yet announced if Capcom will release the all the armors after launch.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor hits stores on June 19.

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