Capcom Releases Videos Revealing Details For PS Vita's Street Fighter X Tekken

  • tiamat

    Great news!

  • Elinor Tuten

    what are the ps3 models, what are their rates and what are their features???????

  • Janet Somerville

    I bought FIFA Soccer on my PS Vita from the PS Store.How can I perform the game from my brother’s PS Vita ?

  • Kelli Shanklin

    Essentially my friend who lives in Australia sent me a PS vita simply because of my birthday. This transpired about 3 days ago and I Am curious on how extended it will take for the vita to arrive. I are living in the US btw.

  • evil chevy

    I wanted to know why the PS Vita is failing in the Japanese market. The Vita and the Nintendo 3ds launched at the same price in Japan but the Vita is doing terrible compared to the Nintendo 3ds’s debut. What are the factors?

  • Lasagna delivery guy

    I am getting a PS vita next week, so forgive this seemingly obvious answer. But can you still use a PSN card, say, that you would buy at best buy or Walmart? One that you would buy that acts like a Microsoft points cardnthatnyou could use on the PS vita to purchase a game?

  • colingrillo

    He’s a green cactus guy with stretchy arms that’s wearing a purple sombrero. I THINK hes from Capcom, but I’m not sure. I think I saw him in one of those Marvel vs Capcom arcade games, and I just can’t remember his name.

  • Benihana

    They were virtually the same until the Alpha series, really, although I believe some like to disagree. Was it because Capcom wanted characters that would appeal to both Asian and Western markets? That’s the only reason I could see for that.

  • alberto s

    Ok, I really like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom on my psvita, so I decided to get the alternate costume packs on the psstore. The thing is, I can’t seem to be able to change them or even look at them, all I get are the color changes that came with the game. I also know that I did download it, since when I do the arcade mode, the computer sometimes has the costumes selected

  • Vultre9

    Hi I’m looking for Street Fighter game that has ALL the Capcom fighters & I’m not talking about Marvel vs Capcom 2. Does anyone know which Street Fighter version has ALL the fighters & for the PS2? Thank you.

  • stingerms

    Like I want to send Rockstar ideas of what I would like to see in the next GTA (if they are making one) and Capcom on Resident Evil 6.

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    I mean, obviously no one can know for certain, but has anyone ever pre ordered something from the Capcom store? How long does it take for them to get it to you?

  • andresumoza

    If I grab Seth Killian’s (producer of Capcom fighting games) glasses and stomped all over them? What would he do?

  • Christopher J

    Honestly, I could be playing on hard but i’m stuck on easy because this joke of a boss. Completley destroys the game.

  • kevindiking67verizonnet

    i got the ultimate pack for marvel versus capcom 3( just marvel versus capcom 3 not ultimate mvc3) but the costumes wont show i know you press x for one costume square for the 2nd one and so on but what do i press for the bought costumes? start or select wont work…what do i need to do to activate it or to chose them…the pack did download but i dont know whats wrong!