Capcom Releases Details on Arcade Cabinet

Having recently announced their Arcade Cabinet, Capcom has released details concerning the new venture.  This system will allow Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 players to essentially create their own arcade system, harking back to the 8-bit glory days of 1984 through 1988, but in HD, with 15 nostalgic titles, releasing from February 19 through early May this year.

The games will be released in blocks, and purchasing either a single game or the full block will allow users to take advantage of Capcom’s Arcade Cabinet “platform”, essentially a console within a console.  This platform allows for music control and DIP switch functionality, and gamers can also take video or screenshots while playing.  The DIP settings will allow players to change settings within the game, like number of lives or difficulty, and the Cabinet will also include a Casual Mode, with tones down the level of difficulty for just that, the casual gamer.

A cluster of characters from games available on the Arcade Cabinet platform.

Apart from the aforementioned additions to these classics, players will also be allowed to play a two-player online mode for some of the titles, as well as the Arcade Cabinet hosting a global scoreboard, the option to choose Japanese or international versions of each of the games, and a training mode with infinite lives to practice to perfection.

In addition to these features, players on the Xbox 360 console can add screenshots, uploading them straight to Facebook, and video to YouTube is an option for Playstation 3 users.  All background music from the games will also be available in a Sound Gallery, and an image gallery will unlock photos as players make progress in the games available for the platform.

Mmmmmm…Nostalgia (Black Tiger)

The first pack releases on February 19, with Black Tiger, with a demo available the same day.  The demo differs, though, between consoles: The 360 version allows gamers one credit with which to play the game, while Playstation 3 users get unlimited credits.  This essentially gives the players the game, as the demo is unrestricted.

Below is a release from Capcom with all the release dates and prices for the games that will be available in their Arcade Cabinet.  

Black Tiger demo February 19 (PSN)

February 20 (XBLA)


Titles: Black Tiger, Avengers, 1943: The Battle of Midway

February 19 (PSN)

February 20 (XBLA)


Titles: Ghosts n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, Section Z

March 5 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Avengers March 5 (PSN)* $3.99
1943: The Battle of Midway March 5 (PSN)* $3.99

Side Arms, Legendary Wings, Trojan

March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Ghosts n Goblins March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Gun.Smoke March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Section Z March 19 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP

Titles: Commando, The Speed Rumbler, Exed Exes (Savage Bees)

April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Side Arms April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Legendary Wings April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Trojan April 2 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP

Titles: 1942, SonSon, Pirate Ship Higemaru

April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $9.99/800MSP
Commando April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
The Speed Rumbler April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Exed Exes (Savage Bees) April 16 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
1942 April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
SonSon April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Pirate Ship Higemaru April 30 (PSN/XBLA) $3.99/320MSP
Bonus Pack (for those who have purchased all five game packs or all 15 individual titles

Titles: Two titles (names to be confirmed)

TBC Free for those who have purchased all previously released packs or individual titles

Titles: All 17 games

May 21 (PSN/XBLA) $29.99/2000MSP

* Not available as an individual title on XBLA

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