Capcom To Publish a "Sweet" Game

I’ve seen video games made for a variety of reasons: great movies, great literature, urban legends, monsters, and… advertisements.

No, before all of you anti-war-video games people start excitedly raising voices about how Battlefield and Call of Duty advertise war, I clarify that I mean product advertisement.

Now, most product advertisement games tend to be made by indie companies with a little talent and too little time, and so they end up being atrocious (see: “Punch the Boxer”-type advertisement games). So, it really blows my mind that there’s going to be an AAA publisher endorsed video game for Sour Patch Kids.

Yes, I mean those kid-shaped jelly candies covered in that powdery sour crap. Now, I love Sour Patch Kids. I love eating them.

I don’t love seeing them in video games. But I guess I can’t always get what I want since life is a cruel thing, Capcom is publishing a Sour Patch Kids game for Xbox Live, PSN, and PC called World Gone Sour.

Sour Patch® is the #1 all sour candy brand in the U.S. but there is so much more to these iconic characters than just their sour exteriors and sweet interiors,” said Sebastian Genesio, Marketing Director for Sour Patch. “Bringing our ‘lost kids’ to life in video game form will add a new dimension to these lovable snacks. We feel this video game will resonate strongly with our core audience of teens and young adults.”

AKA: We’d like to remind those kids that are playing video games high (I mean, why else would you ever want to play this game as a teenager?) that they have the munchies. We’re going to capitalize on those munchies, dammit.

So, what’s the game that preys on the high all about? Well, you’re going to be navigating the real world as a Sour Patch Kid and go through puzzles. However, there’s plenty of action left in the game, such as fighting angry chewing game. Oh come on, Capcom, you weren’t even trying, were you?

Oh, and the game features local co-op. Oh, of course it does. How else are you going to enjoy your favorite video game to blaze to?

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