Capcom Captivate: Dragons Dogma Still Looking Good

  • knightxweetok


  • Maggie Saucier

    I am making an attempt to build differnt versions of a dark armed dragon deck.

  • Noemi Madero

    I usually needed to get some screenshots from some downloaded videos for a lengthy time but I do not actually know how to do it. If there’sa specific bunch of instructions, pease tell me. If there is a particular plan needed, be variety and advocate or advise it.

  • Elyn Patchman

    I will be purchasing dragons dogma at the end of could but im also hoping to pick up 1 a lot more out of a record i will submit for you guys . Seeking for opinions .
    1.The witcher 2 for xbox 360
    2.Prototype 2
    3.Risen 2
    4.Terra online
    6.Diablo 3
    7.Game of thrones video clip game
    8.Max Payne 3
    9.Ghost recon Future soilder

  • Christy

    It Can Be odd because some of the videos say 3 principal pawns but most of them say 1 primary pawn, who’s proper tho?

  • Miguel M

    i am playing dragons dogma and ive been playing it for a little while and now when i walk into the inn and the guy who you talk to to do everything isnt there anymore! its super frustrating because there is only one place else i can think to do all those things and it is very far away. is this permenent or is it just happening to me?

  • llb443

    i hAVe alot of crap i have i want to get rid of fear they might come useful. i think i have things that can be turned into weapons or something like that. if not ill just sell it all. THAnks, oh and i just made into the main city.

  • lets roll

    So I downloaded a game from steam called Sword of the Stars and I was wondering is there any way that I could record any gameplay footage of the game and upload it onto youtube? I have several other games all are RTS games. I would like to know how to record the gameplay options?

  • rndmaktn

    My problem here is lack of knowledge. I have received the Escort Duty quest and I have done it multiple times. I did it once with the idol quest set as my main quest and not matter what I do I get a Golden Egg, not the idol. What am i doing wrong?

  • Matt

    Is there a way to increase my damage or pick skills i want to increase or does it do nothing?

  • Keaton

    I have the PS3 version and I’ve gone to the all female bandit camp, killed all the bandits, and opened all the chests including the chest in the broken tower and the chest above the location of the leader. All I got was a bow and a pair of boots.

  • maskills24

    I’m at crosswords with this decision if I should get Batman AC or DD. I know they’re both good games and both of them can justify their prices, that’s why it’s such a hard decision. DD with over 100+ hours of content and AC GOTY with a ton of things that make it worth way more than $50. Any suggestions?

  • evangldbrg

    i picked up a copy for the 360 and it came with the demo code then got a demo code from a friend. will it work as a dlc demo?

  • United

    And do any of them have online multiplayer?

  • Gundown64

    Which game should i get, i don’t have any first person shooters beside halo: reach, and i have a few role-playing games but i have beaten them all. I was leaning towards Dragon’s Dogma, but i could wait to get that and beat Dragon Age 2 again. Plus, im not to good at first-person shooters.

  • timq3dimensionscom

    I heard/read that Dragon’s Dogma will have REsident Evil 6 demo and will be released on may but my question is is the demo on the game or for DLC cause i already got tricked by resident evil gold edition so help me plsssss

  • Vultre9

    I have killed the Dragon and went straight back to Gran Soren where the Duke turned against me and I fell into the Everfall etc… Where is the main quest now?

  • mike s

    Hi juz wondering if i finish the game, and go to new game plus will i lose all my gold, also will i be able to reinvest my stats so that I can finally change to a new vocation coz im bored with the same vocation. Lastly is it worth it to replay the game again?

  • Travoiz

    I pick to fight him hoping this was the option that I would have free roam at the end of the game but he is solid I can bearly take health of him I’m a fighter btw I try to kill him with the cross bow things he destroys them straight away it’s really freaking annoying

  • Harriet W

    I need to know where I can find the maker’s finger Arrow in Dragon’s Dogma. I know the fat guy in gran soren has one but i didn’t buy the arrow and did a later mission where he was sent to prison. Can anyone help?

  • Eric

    I want to buy one of these games but don’t know which one is the most fun