Bungie Unveils Destiny’s September Events, First One Live this Weekend

Bungie is making sure that Destiny continues to be a living, breathing world with its first roll-out of special events. In the Beta, we got introduced to the Iron Banner which essentially pitted the highest and skilled leveled players in the Crucible; Destiny’s competitive multiplayer space. The cool aspect of the Iron Banner was that it rewarded you with special gear depending on your success so there was real incentive to do very well against other skilled players. Bungie posted a list of the events on their blog which you can view below.


As you know, these events are scheduled and timed so if you miss out on the Iron Banner this October, you’ll have to wait until it rolls back around and that’s entirely up to Bungie. Mark these dates on your calendars and grind up so you won’t be left in the dust this fall. The first event, Salvage, is starting today according to the calendar and will run through Sunday. Look for our review of Destiny in the coming weeks.

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