Brace your Wallets – The Steam Summer Sale is Coming

According to several sources, this years Steam Summer Sale is due to kick off next Thursday, 6/19.

steam sale 2

The original image leading to speculation appeared on the NeoGAF forums, featuring an advertisement for paysafecard presenting the Steam Summer Sale through 19th – 30th June 2014.

A number of mysterious Steam trading cards have also appeared in the marketplace, hinting that the Steam Summer Sale is imminent.

In the past the sales have proved hugely successful, even spawning sub-cultures of jokes and memes surrounding the event, quite often featuring Valve boss Gabe Newell and relating to the customer losing all their hard-earned money through temptation.

Interestingly enough though, a couple of months ago Ars Technica published a report detailing Steam habits and trends. It turns out that “37 percent of the roughly 781 million games registered to various Steam accounts haven’t even been loaded a single time”. This may be unsurprising considering the vast expanse of Steam Summer Sale packages, where more than often bulk purchasing publisher packs works out cheaper than buying two games separately.

Are you ready for a miracle? …Actually just let me check my wallet first.



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