Boulder Dash-XL 3D Carves Onto 3DS

  • Murderur

    Always wondered if this game was any good…

  • Amy Lemaster

    I was just questioning because the dsi has a nintendo points card for it and the 3ds has a income card. So how does the hard cash card function for the 3ds? What Is the difference?

  • Loretta Neale

    I call it “Boulder Dash”. The objective of the sport is to operate up a feet vast chute up a hill and avoid currently being crushed by extremely hefty and significant boulders.There are cutouts to go into at specified details on the hill to stay away from oncoming boulders.. I can’t be accountable for any accidents and or deaths.

  • Eberhard

    It was a dragon I Am rather sure. It was the very same concept, digging by way of filth blocks trying to get these gems, With the rocks and technique needed.
    Hopefully a person will know the sport i talk of. Many Thanks guys!

  • Saundra Jarvie

    i had a commodore 64 way back and one of my all time favourite recreation was boulderdash 2..there are some free versions of boulder dash for download..but i want boulder dash 2 in particular..anyone fellow avid gamers on right here know of any Cost-free down load sites for that game..

    Your support would be most appreciated give my my childhood video game back!!!!

  • Gundown64

    I was planning on buying an r4 card for my 3ds. I know they are legal as long as you don’t use any games that you have not purchased. There have been lots of rumors online about Nintendo can brick your 3ds if you use an r4. Are these rumors true?

  • shahrukh

    How do i rotate the perspective view camera in Autodesk 3ds max if i don’t have the view cube function, so i can see different angles of the object ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Nick

    Exactly as it says, though WITHOUT using the gts. I wanna know if I can go into a pokemon centers basement, enter the doorway in the middle, and trade with other people that way over wifi if I’m using a 3ds and they are not.

  • Jason

    I’m having an issue when I import 3DS files into 3DS Max. I would assume it has all the textures in already, as all that’s in the folder is a 3DS file and around 20 TGA files, but it doesn’t. Do I have to setup them all manually? If so, could you link a good guide please? I’m still pretty new to 3DS Max.

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet

    Im being OCD but i just bought a 3ds and put my finger under the plastic of the star, home select button thinking it was covered but a plastic packaging sheet.

    Was i scratching and something i shouldnt have or should it come off?