Blizzard Releases Patch 5.0.4 In World of Warcraft To Prepare For Mists of Pandaria

  • simply complicated

    I was looking up job opportunities at Blizzard for a school project, and in the benefits where it was talking about the Blizzard Campus. I was just wondering, is it an office building or are there actual housing facilities on site?

    Also, does anyone know how to get into contact with employees at Blizzard? For my project, I’m supposed to “job shadow” someone in the industry that I want to go into after schooling. Thanks in advanced.

  • Jeracoo L

    I’ve been trying to download all the patches for world of warcraft and it’s been taking forever how long should it all take?

  • ouch

    When I go to the Olympics it says I need something bigger than a blizzard can somebody help me please find out whats bigger than a blizzard

  • Andrew S

    How much does a ticket cost to Disney’s Blizzard Beach in Florida?

    Also, is there a Florida Resident discount?

  • Anny

    I love electornics and things that require electricity and i will be super bored when the blizzard/ice storm hits my area. Any ideas besides books?

  • Muzahid

    I need to talk to someone at blizzard about ,y world of warcraft account, if someone has a number please post it.

  • The Beatles

    Blizzard downloader says i’m behind a firewall, I checked Win7’s firewall settings and the Blizzard downloader is cleared. So it must be the airport holding up the show, any ideas how to open the ports up?

    Thank you 😀

  • musicistabest

    I have a 2wire 2701HG-B AT&T router. I opened the ports needed to make the blizzard downloader faster but it still says im still behind a firewall and the patches are still really slow.

  • louisewoods1984

    I have the original World of Warcraft Book from Bradygames here is the link:
    anyway, I got that book a while ago and now Cataclysm is out, and I have up till burning crusade, and I want to know if the same quests and stuff will be able to be done if i dont have catacysm, will the book still work?

  • Con Orpe

    So I’m staying at Disney’s All star music resort for 5 days and i wanted to know if this would benefit me when it comes to buy tickets for blizzard beach ( like getting them in a lower price). I’ve also bought tickets for theme parks for 4 days.

  • Jeff

    I wanted to know what would I get if I breed a Blazing Blizzard and a Jungle Designer leopard gecko, Thank You.

  • Sir fliesalot

    i want to be a lifeguard at blizzard beach for my university gap year but i dont know what ‘qualifications’ i might need. and can i do it with friends and apparently disney gives you a place that you share with other people is that true?

  • Con Orpe

    So there is a HUGE blizzard going on and somehow lightning strikes a couple times, why did this happen?

  • Adam

    I recently logged onto the forums to discover that my account had been banned for “Posting about Illegal drugs or activities.” I though this was outrageous considering i had read the Code of Conduct and found that they prohibit
    ” * Reference to abusing illegal drugs
    * Reference to performing illegal activities”
    I NEVER advocated using illegal drugs, buying them, or doing anything illegal. I was simply making an argument saying that a certain drug should be legalized. How best should i contact blizzard and try to lift my ban?

  • Jeracoo L

    I want to be a computer programmer for blizzard entertainment and work on some of their big projects. What would I need for this? How much prior experience, education, etc.

  • Andres C

    How big is the budget that Blizzard set out to make the game Diablo 3? A billion dollars? 500 million? I mean, they’ve been developing it for probably a good 5+ years at this point.

    Please post verifiable content.

  • Seth

    it was an rpg i mean just imagine it you embark in a heroic all the big heroes.make choices get to battle that quests that actually have a meaning.getting to.explore interacting with npc etc….
    seth no i wanted it to be more like biowares rpgs

  • Eric

    Here in St. Louis we’ve had icing and sleet for the past 18 hours and the blizzard is on our doorsteps with accumulations of up to 30 inches of snow predicted for parts of Mo.