Bioware Unveils Another Mysterious Teaser Video

Bioware seem to have been taking lessons from Funcom’s The Secret World by releasing another mysterious 56 second follow-up to its previous creepy and ponderous Nightmare teaserThere’s not much to go on in the video. The tagline says we’ve been chosen and asks if we realize that ‘they are watching?’ Right now, I can’t be sure of what I’m watching.

It starts with a shot of a man in a Chinese restaurant. It is raining heavily outside and he is alone, save for the chef. A missing persons report – a girl named Henna (or Renna)- is plastered on the far right wall.

Drawing by Theodoros Pelecanos, in the alchemical tract Synosius (1478)

The camera zooms in slowly toward him. He is scribbling something that looks like an Ouroboros onto a napkin.

The Ouroboros – for those that are unaware – is a circular symbol that usually depicts a dragon or a snake eating its own tail. It is used to symbolize the cycle of something re-creating itself much like the Phoenix which is tied in an eternal process of death, rebirth, life and so forth.

There are two bowls in front of him, one with food unfinished. His phone rings and he reaches out toward it, only to cancel the call. He continues drawing but the phone starts ringing again.

It is an unknown number based from California and you see a hint of worry on his face. There is a quick flash of blue in his eyes, either reflection or something he manifested and a shock of lightning erupts, destroying the phone and the bowls, throwing rice everywhere. He flies backward, surprised while showered with sparks (from which the teaser gets its title).

The camera pulls out and a hooded figure is seen standing just outside the shop, watching him. Then the clip ends with a call to visit the game’s website.

What is all this about? We’ll likely find out on August 13th 2014 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Till then, we can probably expect more atmospheric videos that will deepen the mystery.

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