Bioware Releases Ending Fixing DLC for Mass Effect 3

  • Serena Frieden

    I want to know what software, like Lightwave 3d or 3DS Max 2010, they use to render and produce these awesome trailers.

  • Anonymous

    LOL… this is hilarious. I like the part where Shepard uses the Crucible as a sword! Voltron anyone?

  • Maggie Saucier

    I have really excellent suggestions for some video games but I will not genuinely want to have video recreation designing become my profession. So is it possible to get into make contact with with a company like bioware and send them my detailed tips and photographs to them. I would probably fill a notebook entire of data for them to build the game on. So yea do you believe they will consider it into consideration or am I just throwing away my time.

  • Noemi Madero

    The forthcoming MMORPG will take spot appx. 300 years following Knights of the Aged Republic and the Sith Lord games. Why are they not releasing a KOTOR 3 instead?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    I just acquired Mass impact 2 for my xbox 360 and I pre ordered it so I obtained further content. I registered all the subject material on my bioware account but it is not displaying up on my xbox. I’ve heard you will find been a whole lot of confusion about this so I was asking yourself how to solve it.

  • Amy Lemaster

    I heard from Up Coming Gen Techniques that there was a rumor about a New zombie recreation that was to be created by Bioware. I was questioning is this true and if it really is gonna be an RPG total customizable game. I would like it to be true. But I really want to know, is it?

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    I’m trying to send a message to Bioware about how their needs to be more hair and voices for shepard(for certain ethnicities). What webpage do I go to and where on the webpage do I go to?


    Well see I want to do a trick to my crush on April fools day that will make him really laugh what should I do?

  • Sriram R

    I’m a 16 year old girl and I’m trying to find a very believable April fools day prank that i can pull off on my parents and some of my closer friends all in one, what could i do and make it detailed? Background: dads a cop, Ive been single for about 2 months but have a fling with someone at the moment, fairly religious family, have a 12 year old brother…. any ideas?

  • sarah w

    Also, what is the date for april fools day in french?

  • mavis24

    Just looking for opinions. Something like the freedom that Bethesda gives and the storytelling from Bioware. Would you buy it?

  • mr flibble

    I have been hearing and reading about the April Fools Worm that would affect the Microsoft computer system. I wondered would Malwarebyte, as well as CCleaner ,can remove the worm.

  • lucasg615

    My boyfriend and I want to pull a prank for April Fools on our friends. I can’t find ANY ideas that don’t include breaking up, getting married, or getting pregnant. If we said we broke up people would get legitimately upset, if we said we were getting married people would be upset when they found out it wasn’t true. A fake pregnancy is out of the question lol Please help?? Any suggestions would be awesome!!

  • Sahil

    April fools is coming up and I really want to do a really good prank! Pls. help me. I need to get one of the guys back for something done last year. Thanks.

  • Hotshot t

    I’m looking for a good april fools day prank that would be awesome and lots of fun! thanks for your suggestions!

  • balinderk2000

    I always remember watching a program on BBC TV,which was explaining how the Italian farmers had to be careful with their Spaghetti trees,so that it did not grow to long.
    And I was watching it and accepting it.And did not realise for a few days it was an April Fools joke.

  • Sir fliesalot

    I have a few items on my list for Dragon Age 2, does that mean that those items are going to be mine once I play the game?

  • Willie

    Or what has somebody done to you on April Fools?

  • xiM Clutch

    want to april fools prank my friend and i have their password. so what are some good ideas to do? I’m clueless. i thought about posting on their wall and saying something and then using their account make them say something they totally wouldnt say. but i want a better one than that. any ideas?? thanks 🙂

  • Orbit

    So my neighbor, (my dads friend) just took my bike when i wasn’t looking and i thought it got stolen due to the robbers in my neighborhood. i really want to get him back. i was just about ready to call the cops by the time i went to his house. UGGG HELP PLEASE!
    I NEED TO GET HIM BACK! i need a good april fools joke. help!

  • toast

    It’s April fools day and i don’t know what pranks i should do to my family
    think you could help?

  • JackReynolds

    Tomorrow is April Fools and I want to play a really big joke on my sister and brother (but mostly my sister) and whenever I play other pranks they are amatchure so I want something to do . Than you for your time and consideration. Maybe you could also post some mom and dad tricks. Thanks again

  • Brody S

    heyy does anyone have any really good ides for clean fun tricks on april fools day?????? thanks!

  • Dom L

    has anyone done anything funny for april fools? or got anything funny back? tell tell!

  • Joe M

    Hey everyone. I’m very into April Fools, and I am planning a head this year (lol). Last year, I created a facebook page for a fake guy and said that I was in a relationship. Everyone believed it, and it went off great without a problem. This year, I’m stuck on what to do. Any ideas? I’m a 17 year old girl, if that helps. All answers are greatly appreciated!

  • baldy eire

    good april fools day jokes..like not so drastic that i might get suspended or detention ; like really funny, harmless pranks.

  • Salam

    Mkay, so, my sister is twelve years old, a year younger than me, and I want to play a bunch of pranks on her for april fools. I was already thinking of setting her clock back like, four hours, and taking out her light bulbs. And soaking her toothbrush in the liquid from the pickled garlic. And putting tape in front of her door. I’m going all out for it this year, what else could I do?

  • Motordom

    I kno u dont like it when ppl do that 2 the title…but if it bothers u so much…then leave for a minute…till then question’s out of ur site.. 🙂

    N-e-wayz…wutz the best Aprils Fools prank u have ever done?

  • David

    My friend and I want to pull an april fools day prank on everyone on our friends list but we dont know what to do lol, know of any good ones??
    @Stefan- I did that once, it was pretty funny 😛

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    I have really good ideas for some video games but I don’t really want to have video game designing become my profession. So is it possible to get into contact with a company like bioware and send them my detailed ideas and pictures to them. I would probably fill a notebook full of info for them to build the game on. So yea do you think they will take it into consideration or am I just wasting my time.

  • Lachlan

    Tomorrow is April Fools as we all know and in my chorus class we have a performance tomorrow night that we have been working on since August we want to pull a funny April joke on my chorus teacher in my first academic class i have with him all the main characters are there. and in the second it is everyone in my grade! Any funny ideas? The play is Willy Wonka. Any questions? Ask! 10 points to best answer! the play is at 7 tomorrow night anything funny to say? anything funny to scare him?

  • Ev dog

    Sooooo for St. Patricks day, we got green silly string and he never saw it coming. I need some pranks for april fools that is not silly string, something he wouldn’t expect. But it also needs to be harmless and can be done inside.

  • Sergeant Pickle

    I write a how-to column for my school newspaper and every year we have an April Fools issue where we write false stories to try and trick students into believing them.

    What do you think would be a good fake how-to column, that’s still believable?

  • Scott W

    april fools is comming up and i want some funny but clean and not too mean pranks? please?