Bionik Creates Waves With Mantis VR Headphones

Mantis VR headphones

Looking to make a name for themselves in the audio market is Bionik, a new manufacturer of gaming accessories. Their first foray into the market is their PlayStation VR headphones, The Mantis VR.

Mantis VR headphones with PSVR

The company has designed the headphones for seamless integration with PlayStation VR. The Mantis VR attaches into the PSVR Headset with spring loaded clips for easy installation and removal. The lightweight Mantis VR features a complimentary color scheme to fully integrate to the PSVR and will be available for $49.99 this spring.

At this point, the company has not released any specs of the audio quality of the headphones however based on the design they will rest on the ear. The choice of going away from ear cups or ear buds seems like it may sacrifice some sound immersion for the sake of comfort.

Mantis VR headphones with PSVR front

From personal experience using the PlayStation VR with headphones, the total immersion can at times feel ‘too much’ and require breaks from the game just to reorient yourself to the real world. I can imagine a lighter-weight headphone would be very welcome to some gamers who need to keep a little bit of them in the real world when they dive into Virtual Reality.


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