Bethesda’s Two Next Games are Huge in Scale


Bethesda keeps on committing to big games. In a recent conversation with IGN they have confirmed that their next two games will match Skyrim and Fallout in scope and size.

Yes, there will be an Elder Scrolls 6 happening in the future but guess what, we’ll see two other titles first. It was already announced during last February’s DICE Summit that the studio was already working on three long-term projects. It now seems that these two unannounced IPs will come first. What’s more: they will be huge undertakings, matching, if not surpassing, the scope of Skyrim and Fallout 4.


Bethesda Will Train Our Patience… for Good

In conversations with IGN, Bethesda’s Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing Pete Hines has kept the momentum created during E3. He has reassured players that these big games are indeed happening – but that it’ll take some time to see or hear something about them since, well, “those just don’t happen”.

Same thing was already hinted by executive director Todd Howard a couple of days ago. “We think very long term. We’re not a developer that’s going to rush something like this out”, he said in another interview with IGN, referring to the future reality of an Elder Scrolls 6. It seems that they have clear what the future of this game in particular is going to be but they are also quite self-conscious. “It’s just going to take technology and time we don’t necessarily have right now”.

These two other titles in the works will address that sort of void, in a sense. Of course, the promise of their amplitude keeps us wondering. Bethesda is one of the best open-world developers out there so watching them taking the next step is quite luring. We’d like to know a theme, a detail, a teaser… But if you are familiar with the way Bethesda announces and releases things, you probably know that this time frame tends to be rather short.

Therefore, the chance of getting something more concrete out of these E3 announcements is really slim. As Todd Howard has said, “they’re all a ways off, and we’ll talk about it when we talk about it”.

On the other hand, Peter Hines mentioned that we won’t be getting another Elder Scrolls game for many years.

[Source: IGN]

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