Bethesda Reveals Fallout 4’s First Batch of DLC

Fallout 4

Bethesda surprises all wasteland wanderers with their list of Fallout 4‘s DLC, starting this March. There is a little bit of everything for everyone – and they look pretty neat!

Robots, monster arenas, construction kits and further adventures — all of this and more has been confirmed by Bethesda in a recent post on their website. Whether you belong to the industrious guild of settlement builders, like the possibility of taming wild creatures or enjoy exploring the mysterious lands that lay ahead, it seems that this collection of Fallout 4’s DLC will have something for you.

Let’s have a look at what has been confirmed so far.

Fallout 4


Arriving in March with a price of $9.99, this DLC features a horde of evil robots unleashed into the Commonwealth by the mysterious figure of the “Mechanist.” We will need to hunt them down and collect their parts in order to build and customize our own robot companions. We will be able to change their appearance, guns, abilities and even their voices. Players of the series will probably remember those Robobrains with their unstable inclinations…Well, they are back.

Wasteland Workshop

This next DLC will arrive sometime in April. For just $4.99, players will practice their tamer skills and handle wasteland creatures inside their cages and also in monster arenas. On top of that, the Wasteland Workshop will include more design options for settlements such as nixie tube lighting, letter kits and even taxidermy. Have you ever wanted to display your latest hunting trinkets to your fellow settlers? This may be the perfect occasion for that.

Far Harbor

Bethesda reserves what seems to be their most narrative driven DLC for the month of May, which sits at a price of $24.99. In this expansion we will sail off the coast of Maine to the island of Far Harbor per request of Nick Valentine, our charismatic companion. What awaits there is a growing conflict between a secret colony of synths, the so-called Children of Atom group, and the local townspeople. Be prepared to take decisions and get inside the world of factions that Fallout recreates always so well. According to Bethesda, Far Harbor features the largest landmass for an add-on that they have ever created so we can also expect a few more hours of exploration, new quests and higher-level armor and weapons.

If you want a chance to try these DLC early, please make sure you sign on They will run closed betas for consoles and PC and the registration time has already started. The beta is the full version (complete with all achievements) and those participating will not have to purchase the DLC later on.

Fallout 4
Taming Deathclaws… A dream come true.

More Free Content Coming to Fallout 4

Beyond this collection of paid DLC, Bethesda has also confirmed that they will offer free updates to the game. These include general optimizations and improvements, as well as gameplay additions. For instance, they are currently working on a complete overhaul of the Survival Mode for those adventures seeking extreme experiences and a Creation Kit for modders is also in the pipeline.

Last but not least, Bethesda says that these are just a few of the many content additions coming to Fallout 4 in 2016. More details will be forthcoming but one thing is sure: we are all gonna get pretty busy in the wasteland.

[Source: Official Website of Bethesda]

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