Battlefield 1’s First DLC Brings New Mode – Frontlines


Another Battlefield trailer has just arrived and it’s showcasing a brand new mode: Frontlines. With its combination between Rush and Conquest, Frontlines offers a different combat pace and challenging hours ahead.

As you can see in the video below, the new mode starts with a first phase where, one at a time, both teams have to fight for linear objectives. This tug-of-war mechanism works both ways and does not end until one of the teams has captured all objectives on their way to the enemy base. This will then activate a second phase where the attacking team has to destroy two telegraph posts inside base camp belonging to the others. Thankfully for the defense, they can use these posts to summon nifty artillery blows.

If the attackers manage to demolish those posts, the game ends. If they get surpassed by the defense, the match plunges back to the objective phase. Either way, a time counter will also mark the end of a match if none of the teams manage to complete their objectives. Watch these mechanics below!

From a Winter Update to Frontlines

The first paid expansion from Battlefield promises to be quite an addition to the existing content. With its catchy title, They Shall not Pass takes the player to the muddy and suffocating world of trench warfare in France. From Verdun to the Battle of Soissons, its four new maps will open up new fighting possibilities – especially if you hold tank skirmishes dear. They Shall not Pass will also benefit from all the tweaks, improvements and features that the recent Winter Update brought to the game.

DICE has yet to announce the final delivery date. What’s set in stone is that you’ll be able to play They Shall not Pass two weeks before everyone else if you have a Premium Pass. The DLC will arrive sometime next month. We’ll make sure to cover everything here at the Game Fanatics – so stay tuned for that!

Are you an avid Battlefield 1 player and are looking forward to its first DLC? Let us know in the comment section!

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