Battlefield 1 Winter Update – What We Know So Far

Battlefield 1

Gameplay changes incoming with the Battlefield 1 Winter Update

World War 1 is certainly too big of a conflict to condense in a videogame. However, DICE may be on track with their latest update for Battlefield 1, which ensures a bunch of interesting new features for all players out there.

One of the most visible changes coming with the Winter Update is the addition of shinny and nifty ribbons. There’re 20 to start with, although the DICE team is assuring us this is only the beginning, so the list may well increase soon. Ribbons are not only cool to look at – you will also receive 300XP each time you collect one. Another novelty is the release of primary weapons’ Elite Codices, which will grant you nothing less than 25K bonus XP when you do 500 kills per applicable weapon.

Battlefield 1
Look to all those shinny ribbons!


Battlefield 1 Winter Update: New Ranks are Here

Both ribbons and Elite Codices make all the more sense with the increase of the Class Rank cap. And we are talking here of a substantial escalation, from level 10 to 50. For each 10 new Class Ranks you’ll get a Battlepack with goodies. Hit level 50 and you’ll obtain extra Class flairs in your kill card.

Along with these additions, the DICE team has given us other gameplay and quality of life improvements. Worth mentioning are the capacity to vote for the next map after a match is over and also some rent-a-server features

If you want to check all the details about the upcoming update, you can do so by reading the following patchnotes. On the other hand, Battlefield 1’s first paid DLC, They Shall Not Pass, is slated for a March release and it’s bringing, among other things, a recreation of the Battle of Verdun. So get ready for new maps, new factions and new weapons – oh, yes, and there’s an extra touch of love for tank addicts.

How do you feel about the Battlefield 1 Winter Update? Are you a hardcore Battlefield fan and are you eagerly waiting for some DLC action? Let us know in the comment section down below.

[Source: Battlefield Blog]

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