Battlefield 1 Open Beta is Live on All Platforms.

Battlefield 1

Get ready to jump directly into The Great War. The open beta for Battlefield 1 has finally arrived to all Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC users.

Since its amazing debut on E3 2016, anticipation has been quite high when it comes to the next installment of the Battlefield franchise. Players in the need of a pre-release dose can quench their thirst as the open beta for everyone has started today for all platforms. You may want to give this a try since the opportunity will not lasting forever and we are facing almost 2 months of waiting until final release. Battlefield 1 is scheduled to come on October 21.

Battlefield 1 Open Beta: Core Facts

The open beta is taking us to the Sinai Desert map, a location place just east of El-Jifar. Even if it’s only one map, the size and possibilities of this one are quite luring. You can either hold your position within the limits of a town or take the battle to wide-open spaces. Dunes, cliffs and barren roads will define how you approach the skirmishes and what kind of vehicle you may use. There are horses, planes, jeeps and sturdy tanks.

And whenever you think everything is lost, here comes the Behemoth, a deadly Armored Train that won its own place in the Gamescom trailer and that brings reinforcements to battle.

The Open Beta provides us with two factions, the British and the Otomans. Once you jump into the game you’ll need to create a 6-men squad. It seems DICE has really gone miles here to offer a loyal depiction of the Great War and this does include as well the type of brotherhood you’ll embrace to accomplish all your objectives.

So far, we will be able to test two different modes. The first one, Conquest, is a large-scale game mode with up to 64 players fighting for the control of key objectives, classic to the Battlefield franchise. The second, called Rush, it’s a 24-player based mode where the attackers need to locate and destroy the defenders’ force of telegraph posts, which can be used to call in artillery strikes. The map is overall smaller but the action feels even more frenetic, therefore changing your typical Conquest pace.

Battlefield 1 open beta may well be just a very small glimpse over the game. However, it speaks loud and clear: this a war on epic scale and it’s certainly Battlefield. Are you joining the ranks?

[Source: Battlefield 1 Blog]

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