Axiom Verge Coming Soon to Xbox One/Wii U/Vita

One of the hardest things about being a fan of something is when a thing you love doesn’t seem to be as high a priority as you think it should. If you’re a Metroid fan, you know exactly what that’s all about.

Thankfully, we live in a world where Axiom Verge exists. This 2015 title, which originally came out on the PlayStation 4 and was quickly ported to the PC, ended up becoming a bit of a surprise hit. While there have been no shortage of ‘Metroidvania’ titles to choose from in the indie scene over the past few years, this one does a particularly excellent job of not only capturing the spirit of the sub-genre, while bringing in a number of new ideas. Up until now, this has been a game that only PC or PS4 owners have had the pleasure of experiencing, and that is soon about to change.

You Get an Axiom Verge Port, and YOU Get an Axiom Verge Port…

...This is awkward.
…This is awkward.

Today on the game’s official site, the developer announced that Axiom Verge is currently undergoing certification for release to the PlayStation Vita. The port is being handled by Sickhead Games, who have in the past helped bring titles like TowerFall: Ascension and Dust: An Elysian Tale to the PS4. As an added bonus, if you had previously purchased this game for the PS4, you will receive the Vita version for free.

In addition to the Vita, there are plans for Axiom Verge to be ported to the Xbox One and Wii U. Sickhead Games will also be handling the duties on the former, while Blitworks is slated to handle the transition to Nintendo’s console.

For all these ports, the developer is cagey about specific release dates due to the sometimes lengthy certification process. However, they did express the expectation that they would be all ready to go sometime in 2016. Furthermore, if you are planning on heading to PAX East next month, there will be playable demos available on both platforms.

[Source: Axiom Verge Official Site]

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