Avalanche Studios and West Coast Customs Bring Mad Max’s Car To Life

Avalanche Studios, developers of the Mad Max video game, collaborated with one of the more prolific car fabricators, West Coast Customs, to bring the Magnum Opus to life in a short documentary. 

What is the Magnum Opus? In the forthcoming Mad Max video game, Max, the game’s protagonist, loses the Pursuit Special — the iconic vehicle used in the Mad Max movie franchise. In the Mad Max video game Max finds a rather odd-looking individual named Chumbucket to help him in the task of reconstructing a new vehicle to roam the post- apocalyptic wasteland in.

Magnum opusDaniel Persson, Lead Artistand Odd Ahlgren, Director of Narrative, on the Mad Max video game were tasked with creating Max’s new vehicle. Avalanche Studios’ creation is, admittedly, bad-ass, but it lacks some of the understated menace the Pursuit Special oozes. 

You Gotta Pimp My Ride

Most game developers never get to touch anything they create. Their work is forever locked behind glass screens. So when the centerpiece of the upcoming Mad Max game – a unique car called the Magnum Opus – would be re-created in real life, it was an overwhelming experience for the team at Avalanche Studios.

Avalanche Studios’ wanted to bring their creation to life, because video game developers rarely get to see their creations come to life. And this is where the popular car customization shop West Coast Customs — you may remember WCC from the show Pimp My RideWest Coast Customs, Ryan Friedlinghaus, says WCC combined a Ford Maverick and Ranger to bring Mad Max‘s Magnum Opus to life, and the end result looks, and sounds, excellent. Check out the video above to watch the mini-documentary in full.

Mad Max is due out next week on September 1st.

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