Matt Dolby

Matt is a lifelong tech and gaming enthusiast who is still deeply traumatized from playing Ghosts 'n Goblins on an endless loop as a child. When not flashing-back to past video game failures he enjoys horror and kung-fu movies, or as "those in the know" say horror-fu (kungror?)

Logitech G433 headphones

New Logitech G Headphones Easily Transition From Gaming to Everyday Life

Logitech G headphones, a brand of Logitech announced the launch of both the Logitech G433 7.1 and Logitech G233 Prodigy gaming headsets.

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Made By Google Wonder Woman female code

Google Wants To Inspire Female Coders With ‘Wonder’

In an ongoing effort to inspire the next generation of female coders, Google’s Made with Code initiative has released a new project “for wonder women everywhere to add coding to their superpower toolkit.”

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Xbox One X

Xbox One X’s Comfort In Being Second To PC | E3 2017

Microsoft’s Xbox One X announcement displayed less of a race to compete with PCs and more an attempt to be the best console.

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Intel X-series processor

Intel’s Ties To Gaming and Esports Gets Extreme | E3 2017

Intel announced its X-series processor family to upgrade gaming and its partnership with ESL, in addition to adding a VR esports tournament.

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Seagate Game Drive Hub

Prepare For 4K Games With Seagate’s Game Drive Hub | E3 2017

Seagate’s new Game Drive Hub adds 8TB of external storage to the Xbox One line of consoles, providing room for 200+ games.

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Turtle Beach STEALTH 700

Turtle Beach Announces New Slate of Gaming Headsets | E3 2017

Turtle Beach unveiled the latest entries in their product line as the company prepares to show them off at E3 this week.

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Vive Standalone VR headset

HTC Developing New Standalone VR Headset

Recently at Google I/O, Google announced that the Daydream platform is expanding to include standalone VR headsets.

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Elgato Stream Deck

Simplify Streaming With Elgato Stream Deck

Elgato announced a new product designed to help automate and simplify streaming with it’s Elgato Stream Deck keyboard.

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Acer mixed reality headsets

Mixed Reality Headsets Come to Xbox One in 2018

Microsoft announced that its mixed reality headsets will not only focus on PC, but also Xbox and Project Scorpio in 2018.

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Mantis VR headphones

Bionik Creates Waves With Mantis VR Headphones

Bionik, a new game accessories company has announced Mantis VR headset for integration with Sony’s PlayStation VR.

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Snap Spectacles

Getting Your Snap Spectacles Just Became Easier

Snap has begun selling their video capture Spectacles online. The sunglasses record 10 to 30 second video for your Snap.

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Mainlining Review | l33t h@ck3r5 0n1y

Developer, Rebelephant, release their point and click hacking simulator, Mainlining, where you use hacking skills to take down the bad guys.

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FLYTE backpack

FLYTE Backpack Offers Gaming On The Go

Turtle Beach and EGL have joined up to create the FLYTE backpack, the first ever backpack designed specifically for the gamer in mind.

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