Tyler Chancey

Whenever he's not posting long form ramblings at his own digital watering hole at cybertavern.blogspot.com, Tyler Chancey is a robot in human skin passionate about video games as an artform. He is also addicted to trash anime and polyhedral dice.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review | Alola Adventure!

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a perfect crystalization of the series as a whole. Simple yet deep gameplay, creative creature designs, and a surprisingly well told story, all while not being afraid to mix up its conventions in a novel way.

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Dishonored 2 Needs Better Characters

Arkane Studios’ should be both proud and ashamed of their Dishonored games. On one hand, their brilliant in their gameplay and world design, yet on the other…they lack an investing narrative and characters.

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Need for Speed, Mass Effect 2 Composer Saki Kaskas Passes Away

Sadly, the video game industry has lost one of its most vibrant creative talents recently. Saki Kaskas, music composer of many beloved video game scores, …

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Dishonored 2 Update Brings New Game Plus

Attention Dunwall citizens, more Dishonored 2 content is on its way. In an official press release, publisher Bethesda has announced a patch will be released …

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Persona 5 Delayed Until April 2017

Fans looking forward to Persona 5, please don’t shoot the messenger. The upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 JRPG, a game that has been pushed …

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Overwatch Goes Free for November 18th-November 21st

Cheers loves, the cavalry’s here. November has already been a huge month with the releases of Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1, but it looks like …

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