Australia Getting Dedicated Titanfall Servers

Things are going to be getting better soon for Titanfall fans in Australia. Publisher EA has announced that Australian Titanfall players now have their own dedicated servers, and more are on the way. That applies to both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game (no word yet on the Xbox 360 version), and extends to New Zealand residents as well.

Respawn Entertainment‘s first release hit stores (both brick-and-mortar and online) this week, and we thought it was pretty good, but server issues have indeed proven to be a problem with Titanfall… that rings true for most online-enabled games on the first day they’re available to the public, but proved to be even more of a problem since Titanfall is an online-only type of game.

Have you been playing Titanfall? If so, how are you liking (or disliking) it?

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