August’s PlayStation Plus Lineup Revealed

Yesterday, Microsoft announced their lineup of monthly free again and today, Sony has followed up with their own revealed lineup for PlayStation Plus.


For August, PlayStation Plus has gone back to the standard two games per console after last month; players were able to download Paragon as a bonus seventh title.

tricky towers

On PlayStation 4, we have two indie games leading the charge. First up is Tricky Towers, a new game from the minds at WeirdBeard Games. Tricky Towers is classified as a physics-based shooter that’s best played with friends. The game does support both local and online multiplayer co-op, ranging from two to four players. The goal of this game is to see who can build their towers the fastest while managing to disrupt the other players from building their own. Definitely the kind of game to be played with friends at a party or during game night.

rebel galaxy

Next up is Rebel Galaxy, a space combat RPG from the developing team at Double Damage. By taking control of a massive destroyer ship, the objective of Rebel Galaxy is to expand their reputation as a pirate or mercenary while exploring star systems and progressing through the game’s plot. Featuring a procedurally generated universe, players will explore unique star systems throughout each playthrough, ensuring that this game never feels the same way twice.


Moving onto the PlayStation 3 and its offerings. Yakuza 5, developed and published by SEGA, is the latest in Yakuza games to hit the states. Though fair warning, since Yakuza 5 is the most recent entry in this series, players will have to brush up on the Yakuza lore if this is a first time experience. This action adventure title offers up a multitude of opportunities to distract people away from the story’s plot. All types of minigames and sidequests await and with 5 playable characters each offering a different play style, Yakuza 5 most certainly sponge up peoples’ time.


Retro/Grade is the final PlayStation 3 offering and it certainly has a nice ring to it. Developed by 24 Caret Games, Retro/Grade is a hybrid between the rhythm and shooter genres. Players hop into the shoes of ace pilot Rick Rocket as he must fight his last space battle in reserve in order to preserve the space-time continuum. The gameplay is focused around timing to the music and ironically enough, the game can even be played with a guitar controller for those who still have them.

patapon 3

Now onto the handheld PS Vita titles as we start off with Patapon 3. Hailing from the Vita’s predecessor, the PlayStation Portable, Patapon 3 was developed by Pyramid and SCE Japan Studio. Another rhythm based game that starts off right where Patapon 2 ended. The ultimate goal in Patapon 3 is to guide the Patapons towards their goal of finding Earthend, a quest that started in the original Patapon game. As far as gameplay goes, Patapon 3 is remains mostly unchanged from the previous two titles except for its bigger focus on multiplayer.


Last up is Ultratron, a beefed up homage to the classic Robotron: 2084. Developed by Puppy Games and published by Curve Digital, this game taps into the old school arcade styled experience. In Ultratron, the last of the humans has been killed off by evil robots and as the last humanoid robot, players will take the fight to the murdering robots. Featuring 40+ levels, Ultratron combines tactics with old school arcade gameplay.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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