ASUS Teams Up With Exent for Premium Content for @Vibe Entertainment Platform

  • Leighannemixer

    I am heading to university this fall and I am contemplating about finding an Asus laptop. I individually would like the laptop computer to be able to operate most of game titles in addition lengthy battery life. Any value all around 1,200$ would be appropriate to me. Which Asus laptop computer design do you prefer? And how is the high quality of an Asus laptop computer in general?

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    I am going to higher education this fall and I am contemplating about acquiring an Asus laptop. I personally would like the laptop to be able to operate most of games plus prolonged battery life. Any price tag all around 1,200$ would be acceptable to me. Which Asus laptop computer product do you prefer? And how is the good quality of an Asus laptop in general?

  • llb443

    Does anyone know what the newest and has the most updated hardware for Asus gaming laptops? Also I can’t seem to find a configurer on they’re website? Does anyone know also if there is going to be anymore 17″ screens realeased this year or a website where I can find release dates?

  • Praveen

    I am planning to buy a k series asus laptop for around 40k,is it a good buy for gaming and managing big appilications?
    Thanks in advance.

  • TommyKay

    Just yesterday my laptop kept on shutting down, due to temperature. These days, i notice that since this laptop has a dual cooling system (one fan on each side of laptop), that alot of air comes out from one side of but not the other. Does this mean that only one fan is working and the other one is broken? Or is this normal, as in the computer delegates which fan is working at which times? I would contact asus myself but for some weird reason i am missing my notebook model number, i guess which accidentally fell off.

  • kiltakblog

    I fresh install ubuntu 9.04 alpha that has newest kernel said to be support
    Asus u3000 hybrid tv usb tv tuner that has analog tv, digital tv and fm radio tell me how to get those work?

  • sethburger

    My daughter’s 3-year-old ASUS has been nothing but trouble (a missing webcam program and screwy drivers) and the ASUS help sites are of no help at all. I was wondering if I could successfully install my HP discs into her laptop?

  • Mackenzie P

    So I recently got the desktop model asus vh236h and the screen is EXTREMELY stretched. Is it possible to make it more compact and how?? This is really bothering me seeing as I can’t draw with the screen stretched as it is. Please help!

  • ConfusionnaJob

    I’m thinking about buying the Asus Transformer TF300 (without the laptop docking station) and I realized that there is no microUSB port on the actual tablet itself.
    There is a microHDMI port but I don’t know if I’d be able to transfer files with that.
    So how would I be able to transfer files between the Transformer TF300 tablet and my regular laptop pc?

  • Roflcopter

    Hi I just started using my new Asus laptop which has a built in camera. When I click on “Asus Virtual Camera” to access it it asks “Do you want the followin program from an unknown publisher to make changes on this computer?” I have clicked yes and no, but I still don’t see the camera. Thank you for the help.

  • ouch

    Im soon getting a new laptop, Im thinking about getting an ASUS k series… any suggestions??

  • NC Baller

    They are virtually both the same but obviously one comes with battlefield 3, other than that what is the differences between the ASUS rampage extreme iv and the ASUS rampage extreme iv BF3 edition?

  • Larry R

    My friend gave me her computer to try and fix and I’m kind of lost. This is an asus computer without a cd drive and no operating system. Windows was previously install and then was removed. I have a linux CD to try and install but am not sure how to connect my computer to this one to share the cd drive. Any help would be great. Thanks!