Arkane Studios Reveals Gameplay Video for Prey

Arkane Studios appears to be on a roll recently. After critical acclaim for 2012’s Dishonored and its sequel released this year, they started developing a reboot of Prey. But words only explain so much, so the studio released a truly bizarre eight minute long walkthrough video.

All told, there is a lot to unpack in this footage. In addition to fighting shapeshifting aliens that disguise themselves as just about anything, the trailer also showcased the shooter’s sci-fi elements and unique weapons. The most heavily displayed was the GLOO cannon, which can freeze enemies where they stand as well as make quick and easy platforms. As for special powers, the footage also showed off telekinetic blasts and the ability to imitate the alien’s weird mimic powers. There’s even a part where the player briefly turns into a coffee cup to strategically reach a new zone.


Arkane Studios is definitely bringing their unique blend of gameplay to proceedings. Encouraging creative use of abilities, quick but visceral gunplay, and the option to take things in a more tactical direction rather just boiling it down to a gun fest.

Prey follows the story of Morgan Yu (either a man or a woman), a subject of strange experiments aboard the Talos I space station in the year 2032, and focuses on RPG elements of its design more than Arkane’s other flagship series in Dishonored. Prey releases sometime in 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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