Apple Hits a Homerun with Launch of's At Bat 12

  • Shadow0623

    Thanks for the post.

  • rephiwas

    Im sure you had fun writing this article eh? 😉

  • Janet Somerville

    I want to make an app for the apple app shop but i don’t know how aid ??

  • Jack Bauer

    Is there any app or website that allows me to download games from the app store on ipod touch and iphone onto my android?

  • Blake

    I’ve been getting wierd pics from facebook friends from the my secret friends app. Does the app just automatically post things when they aren’t even online or are people posting them?

  • nathan

    If I buy one app, in how many iPods/iPhones can I install it? Will it be allowed to be synced with one only device?

  • kewlflame14

    I have used Zinio app before and is a bit unsure of whether or not I really like it. The problem with Zinio is that sometime it does not download the previous magazines but will download the newest one. This occurred when I accidentally deleted my Zinio app. So, I wonder if there is another app like Zinio, a better alternative?

  • forahobby

    Ok, so hopefully you can answer these questions about the free texting app for the Ipod Touch. Do you have to be texting someone else that has an Ipod Touch? Do you have to pay for it at first? Do you have to pay a monthly bill? How exactly does it work? Do you just download it from iTunes like any other app? Hope you can answer these! Thanks! 😉

  • Kristian

    I would like Yahoo to create an app for their yahoo toolbar that converts liquid measurements. For example, convert; cups to ounces & then back to cups or quarts to gallons, etc.
    How do I go about submitting a request for Yahoo to make this toolbar app since I don’t understand anything about that Yap developer program?

  • sakyue1993

    I have textfree with voice downloaded on my iPod touch 4th generation. Lately everytime I get a new text message it won’t tell me unless I open the app, the app never done that before, this started ever since last week. I went to the iPod settings and the notification is on for the textfree app with voice. What should I do?

  • Keegan

    Does anybody know how I can put an application up for sale on the apple store?
    Also do you know the terms of use?
    Thank you.

  • Anny

    My 12-year-old has either misplaced or had his iPod 3g stolen. He purchased it with his own money and is heartbroken. He mentioned this morning that it has an app on it that would help trace its location but didn’t know the name of it, etc. Does anyone know what this would be and how I could use it to help him? Any help would be appreciated.

  • balinderk2000

    I would like to create an application for the ipod touch or iphone and have it hosted on cydia or in other words a third party app but i dont know how to.
    What do i need to make an app?
    Im running on windows vista home premium
    Is there a website i could go to, if so plz tell me.

  • Picean

    I wanna know if there is an app that can silence my phone while i am at a certain location by using GPS in my G1.

  • Vultre9

    Everything is neom. Also there is another app where you use elements as like space crafts and you shoot things.

  • JDOGG1122

    I got an iPad for college and I was wondering what the best app to have to takenschool notes with I have the first iPad. Remember this is for my college notes anything like Microsoft?