Anew: The Distant Light Reaches Its Streched Kickstarter Goal

Indie games keep destroying Kickstarter’s campaigns with ease, and Anew: The Distant Light has just reached its stretch goal of $35.000. With this new objective obtained, the game developed by Resonator will start researching the title’s possibilities on the Nintendo Switch platform, together with a number of added features to be included in the finished game.

Anew: The Distant Light is a project lead by Steve Copeland and Jeff Spoonhower, two veteran developers who worked on amazing projects like Bioshock, Borderlands, and Uncharted. It features the story of a lost child, sent into deep space with a purpose to fulfill as he explores a psychedelic open world set on an alien moon.

The Alien Moon Grows Bigger

As mentioned before, this development goal not only focuses on the Nintendo Switch port but also pursues to bring a ton of content for players to explore and fight against. First off, attention speed runners because Anew: The Distant Light will have integrated features that keep track of player’s records when trying to rush through the game.

But it won’t get any easier, many challenges will put us fanatics to the test like facing all the game’s bosses in a timed battle called Boss Rush, or struggling with death to complete Hardcore Mode. With this, gameplay variety grows wide and further develops with unlockable game mutators that you’ll be able to retrieve to analyze on a special room in your homeship.

However, it isn’t all about how much stress the game can put into the player, remember that it also shows an ethereal world with many visual stories to encounter, and this world will grow with a new area called the Overgrowth. Even if hostile, the environment seen looks ancient and alien, adjectives you want to hear when looking for an adventure. You’ll climb up and down this moon, even being able to jump into the front and background planes to advance as you face puzzles and waves of enemies.

Anew: The Distant Light is still in its early stages, but it grows in a sci-fi attractive that combines amazingly with the unique art style it carries. It certainly is a project that indie lovers must follow closely, waiting to ride those gigantic machines and discover crazy weapons on the way to saving your home world.

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