Android Live Wallpaper for Social Media Fanatics

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably pretty awesome. You probably also  have an awesome Android phone and devote a significant amount of its usage to keeping track of your awesome social media accounts on the go. Allow me to introduce you to Bubbleator, a live wallpaper that does what several dedicated social media applications fail to do.

“The Bubbleator brings the things you care about to your home screen.

The Bubbleator is a live wallpaper that displays your Facebook news feed, Twitter posts, missed calls, texts and upcoming events conveniently on your device’s home screen. ”

I’ve personally had the live wallpaper on my phone for the past month and it’s helped me reduce my reliance on a number of various apps to manage my different social media accounts. The interface is smooth and intuitive, and the wallpaper is very customizable. My biggest gripe, unsurprisingly, was the strain the app put on my battery, but I had been using a preview build of the app and have noticed an improvement after downloading the release build. The developer promises to add several new features and expand the social media accounts that the Bubbleator can manage, and of course, more customization options.

You can download the app in the Android Marketplace or use the QR code below:
Bubbleator QR Code

If you do check it out, please be sure to leave your comments below!

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