Anarchy Reigns Double Character Trailer

It seems PlatinumGames are still keeping the public interested in Anarchy Reigns by releasing even more trailers of characters featured in the game. Oddly enough these characters have to be the most bizarre I have seen to date, besides those in Zelda. Who names bats keys? Anyway the trailers below are quite interesting. The first trailer features a fellow by the name of Oinkie, and if you’ve sung ‘The Ol MacDonald’ song before than your right in your assumption. He is a pig, one that can apparently drink some juice and in turn into Killer Croc from Batman. The second trailer however features a Transformer named Garuda, yes; I said it, a transformer named Garuda. I have absolutely no idea what’s happening within this game where you would need a transformer, a pig that can change into Killer Croc, and a man with a rocket launcher in his right leg. I believe I said this in an earlier post about Durga (another Anarchy Reigns character). Hideki Kamiya’s stories are over the top and are quite hard to follow. But I must admit I am even more excited about this game after seeing this.

Oinkie Trailer

Garuda Trailer

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