AMD Prescribes Verdetrol 1GHz

  • Andy Fernandez

    My personal computer has 2 GB’s of RAM, an 8400GS graphics card, and a duo core 1.8 processor.. The quality appears a minor choppy on 720p. I want to know what hardware I need to have to play 1080p/i perfectly.

  • Malinda Shurtliff

    I have a Blackberry sensible cellphone bold 9780.I want to upgrade/replace it is processor from 624MHz to 1GHz for far better performance.Is it possible?
    It’s the greatest processor pace in all blackberry wise phones.If coolants are provided then is it possible?

  • Flash Funk

    Well i have a AMD Phenom II x4 3.4GHz and SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7770 OC and 8GB of 1333 ram so can i play Battlefield 3 Ultra and record fluently in medium?

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran

    I want to under go a AMD scorpius platform build. Do you really get a performance boost when you combine a FX CPU, a 990FX MOBO, and a 6000 series GPU? Thanks!

  • Rassling Fundamentals

    Laptops with AMD processors seem to be less expensive than ones having Intel processors, so just wondering why the difference? What has been your experience with a laptop with AMD processors? I am planning to buy a laptop and the best deal I found was with AMD processor. Appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

  • andresumoza

    If I were to explain to a class, what is a clear indication that the motherboard is for AMD or Intel? I believe it has to do with the socket type, correct?

  • Mak Sultan

    Intel has a very dandy system of telling you exactly how many processors are running in one of their processors, but AMD just gives me a bunch of weird numbers. Is there someplace that tells me how many processors an AMD processor has?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    Hi everyone I need to know what is the different between AMD and INTEL processors. I am looking for a laptop and I don’t know which one of them is the best processor for me.
    I heard about AMD is that AMD processors get warm very quickly and there can be a problem in AMD computers if you use it very much. PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION I AM WAITING……

  • xLittle21Yaox

    What are some of the supporting motherboards for each of these processors? Are there any motherboards support both Intel and AMD processors? What are the latest AMD processors in comparison to Intel’s Core 2 Duo / Quad core / i3 / i5 / terms of speed and power?
    So how do latest AMD and Intel processors compare in terms of speed and power?

  • steve

    i will buy an amd radeon HD 7770 GHz edition.but my PSU is only 350watt.i heard that this GPU need minimum 450watt i have decided to buy 500watt PSU.people say something about 12rail or multiple rail or something about 6pin or 12pin.i dont know anything about it.i only know that i have Pci 2.1×16 slot.could u explain about those rail or current specs-intel i5-2400 with 3.4 Ghz quad core CPU,4GB ram,intel HD 2000,DELL poweredge 350watt PSU

  • Michael C

    My roommate recently acquired an used computer with an AMD II 220 processor and integrated graphics card. We wouldn’t be playing many games other than CSS, possibly the Dirt series and maybe HL2 and the original FarCry but nothing too graphics-intense. What graphics card would work well with the computer? I do understand that this process is nothing special and it has 4g of ram. Any suggestions? Other possible upgrades?

  • toysruslover

    I look at different processors from AMD and Intel and AMD’s seem to be way more bang for the buck. I didn’t just look at speed and cores, all of the little details and for 30% cheaper you get the same thing for AMD, why? I just look at AMD’s top 6-core processor for around 3-400 bucks, and intel’s for around the same everything running over a grand?? What is it?