Alter Your Mood With Doppel Wearable

Doppel wearable

Meditate, exercise, deep breathing techniques. All of these things can be extremely useful in dealing with anxiety but often times in our busy lives we lack the time to properly do these things to help combat anxious behavior.

London startup Doppel has created a new wearable which hopes to keep you alert and calm in real time. Doppel, both the name for the company and the device looks like a smartwatch, but instead of any features related to social media or phone calls, this devices looks to alter your mood.

Doppel wearable arm

The devices sits on the inside of your wrist and is synced with a companion app, the watch emits a vibration that mimics a heartbeat. You can tap or stroke the watch to make it go faster, to make you more alert, or slower to calm you down. The brain naturally responds to the rhythm to alter your mood.

The benefit of the Doppel wearable over something like an energy drink or sleeping pills is that the user controls the pace throughout the day depending on how their mood is fluctuating, as well as avoids any additives that are often times bad for your internal chemistry.

Use of the product is easy to navigate once the basics are learned. Stroke three times to switch to a low rhythm, double tap for high, sweep once around the rim to adjust the intensity-clockwise increases, anti-clockwise decreases.

Doppel wearable front and back

According to the product website, “by affecting your brain’s perception of your heart rate, doppel changes how you feel. Doppel uses the most natural rhythm that exists, the one we all experience first as embryos, and it does this silently and subtly.”

Coming in with a price tag at $161 isn’t cheap however for those that suffer with daily anxiety, it may be worth checking out to try and live a more balanced life with more control over highs and lows.

You can pre-order your own doppel wearable on their website. They come in white or black with a straight or tapered strap, it is expected to ship to the US, Canada, and Europe this summer.

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