It’s Alive! Blood Dragon Sequel Hinted At

In a flash of neon and synth, Far Cry Blood Dragon 2 has blasted into being at the say so of the one and only 80’s action stalwart: Michael Biehn. 

At Comic Con UK today, Biehn let slip that he was recording voice work for a second Blood Dragon game. Whether or not this will be a sequel, or will have any connection to the first game other than its look and tone, is left unknown at this point. Biehn didn’t go into any detail, and so we are left to speculate as to what form this will take. There isn’t a lot of new ground for a sequel to tread, but it has Biehn in it for one thing, and so it will likely retain much of its camp charm.

Biehn voiced the hero of the first game, Rex Power Colt (one of the best self-aware video game names ever conceived), and lent it the flavour of the eighties action hits that it took its cues from. Blood Dragon is one of the wonderful oddities produced in the last generation. It leapfrogged from the success of Far Cry 3, and used that game’s mechanics to birth a cheap-thrill roller coaster of action and perfectly-aimed humour.

Blood Dragon
Needs more lasers!

This will come as welcome news for faithful fans of the first Blood Dragon; especially given that the title was thought done, as Ubisoft proclaimed it so in 2014. Despite this there is the question of necessity, like so many of the cult films the first game aped (Predator, Robocop), it may well be that a sequel isn’t needed; that much like its unexpected arrival, it should check out on its own and leave the world reeling.

We will have to await word from the French giant which, as is the case this time of year – with the electric triple just around the corner – probably won’t be very long now….

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