No Algebra Required! – Create Your Own Holiday and Winter Themed PC Games With Jumala

Buying presents for a gamer this Christmas? Looking get them a unique, yet entertaining gift? Well put away your wallet and fire up your computer because Jumala is here to solve your all your present-related woes, for free.

Jumala allows users to build and play full-3D games on their PC using a variety of items and templates. Your level can be tricked out with all kinds of characters and objects, including a batch of timely holiday and winter themed goodies. Once you’ve created your yuletide masterpiece, you can add a friendly message and share it with anyone you fancy. Handily, Jumala doesn’t require any programming skills to use, which means you can focus on creating something awesome without the need for brain-melting numerics.

And now during Jumala’s 12 Days of Gaming, players can grab free holiday game content each day and potentially be entered into a prize draw to win Spark – Jumala’s in game virtual currency – if they manage to complete the entire collection.

Check out for more info.

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