Ace Combat: Infinity Coming to PS3 this Fall

Namco Bandai have announced the next Ace Combat game will be released on PS3 this coming September. Ace Combat: Infinity is latest in the long running fighter pilot series and will be exclusive to Sony’s current gen console.

Check out the teaser trailer:

Very little details have been released as far as the game’s setting or storyline, although it appears to be somewhat post-apocalyptic in scope. No doubt, as in previous entries in the series, the game will center around choosing and customizing a fighter jet to take into high speed dogfights. Earlier this year Namco Bandai released downloadable iterations of two of their flagship titles: Tekken Revolution and  on the PSN. Its possible that Ace Combat: Infinity is set to be the latest title in their planned line of free to play titles. The company also recently trademarked the title Soulcalibur: Lost, so its possible that could be next one.


Ace Combat: Infinity is due to release on the PlayStation Network in Europe on September 25 with a North American release sure to be around that date. For more info check out the game’s official website.

(Source: Joystiq, IGN)

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