Absention: A Literal Immersive Horror Experience


Want a nice relaxing get away in a beautiful cabin, in a secluded forest? This is the game for you – sort of – that is if you don’t mind reliving the same day over and over in order to solve the mystery of your father’s disappearance while dealing with a haunting presence that stalks your every move; that’s pretty much the gist of Absention.

Australian indie development team Dream Wave Studios has been on a PR hiatus for the past several months. Since the announcement of their new game in March 2015, only screenshots and one teaser trailer have been released to the public. Even so, the game’s premise is interesting for a horror genre; it’s still the old trope of navigating a house and trying to unravel the strange mysteries but with a twist that it’s the same day over and over. The team has stated that players must learn from their mistakes to avoid death at the hands of a mysterious assailant and uncover the truth. Objects and items will be randomized and change locations with each new death and life loop in order to keep the player on their toes.

The newly released image, a creepy train for a creepy game.

The game is built on the Unreal Engine giving it a very polished and immersive realistic feel, but what’s more? The team is working to have the game be playable on VR as well. Yep! You can enter and experience the horror for yourself because the game will be supported on Oculus Rift. No word has been given on a console release, but we can all pray for one.

The game still doesn’t have a set date but The Game Fanatics will keep you posted when the team at Dream Wave give any new information. For this experience in terror? It’s worth the wait.

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