Abandoned Territories Map Pack and more DLC Coming to The Last of Us

It’s no secret that us Last of Us fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of single player DLC; with all the teases about “Outbreak Day” (Thursday, September 26th), we thought for sure we’d get something DLC related; but all we got was this interesting take on what The Last of Us would have been like… on Broadway (spoiler alert)!

Unfortunately the single-player DLC isn’t completed yet, and we will not be seeing any single-player DLC until the end of the year… that’s right, we still have a few cold, long months ahead of us, and if you’re like me and only really care about the single player, then these new few months will seem like forever.



But for all fans of the competitive, brutal multiplayer universe in The Last of Us, welcome the first of three Season Pass DLC map packs, the Abandoned Territories Map Pack.  You’ll be introduced to four new environments that will dynamically enhance your multiplayer experience: Suburbs, Bus Depot, Hometown, and Bookstore.




“Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm on the Suburbs map.  Explore a layered map of an overgrown urban environment with wild giraffes in the background in the Bus Depot map.  Stalk around in a dark, eerie, moonlit, environment – the perfect setting for some serious stealth – in the Hometown map.  Bookstore features a stacked, bi-level layout adding a highly unique dose of vertical gameplay.” – Eric Monacelli (Community Strategist, Naughty Dog)


Players will also gain access to over 60 new pieces of headgear for their multiplayer characters.  You can either purchase these items “a la carte” or you can purchase the season pass and get all these items in a bundle that saves you a few bucks as well!

The Abandoned Territories Map Pack will be available for purchase on October 15th, and the Season Pass is available in the PlayStation Store or at your local GameStop for $19.99.

You can read all about the future DLC on the official PlayStation Blog.

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