A Group Discussion On The Crysis 3 Beta

Gamers have been enjoying the Crysis 3 beta for a little while. We have as well. That’s why Ben, Darrin, and myself took a brief moment to discuss some quick impressions on the beta.

Jake: Okay guys. So the Crysis 3 beta has been going on. I think the most important thing to ask is. Is anyone even good at it?

Ben: I don’t know if there is more than just that one mode of invisible dudes versus army guys, but I could never see the invisible players. I did get a couple bow kills while invisible though. I think I came in second to last, like a boss.
Editor’s note: there are two modes. Hunter, which is the mode referenced here, and crash site, which is like king of the hill.

Darrin: I’ve been coming in at the middle of the pack in the Crash Site mode, which is better than I deserve. I’m apparently really good at Hunter as long as I’m not the one being hunted. Otherwise I suck.

Jake: Okay. So we’re all bad.

But are we all having fun? For the most part, it just feels like Call of Duty, but everything’s sped up. I don’t feel like it’s the same thing from Crysis 2. The hunter mode, however, is both really fun and, at times, really nerve-wracking.

 Agreed. It does feel like a prettier, much faster version of Call of Duty. I really like the ability to cloak in the Crash Site mode, even if it is for a limited amount of time. I’m really digging what I’ve played so far.

Jake: Compared to the last version though, I don’t know.

Last time around, it felt exactly like Call of Duty with nanosuits. Which I loved. You always had to fear a shotgun hiding behind you. Now it’s just absolute insanity with the speed turned up to 12. Because apparently 11 wasn’t high enough. I do like the museum map a lot though. Even if it is a bit too large. But I feel like this won’t steal my attention away from Halo 4.
A Group Discussion On The Crysis 3 Beta
Ben: I played an okay amount of Crysis 2’s multiplayer and this feels about the same. It’s goodm but favors the CoD, super skilled 8 year old type of player, which is not me at all. That is why i did enjoy sneaking around as a hunter more than just getting hunted. I’ll try and play some more tonight.

Maybe it’s the larger map sizes throwing me for a loop.Ben, how’s it look on PS3?

I’m playing it on PC, and it looks damn good. Darrin’s the one on PS3.

And it looks damn fine on PS3.

Jake: Does it really compare to PC though? I mean, it’s gorgeous beyond…well..Um. It’s bloody gorgeous.

Probably not, but it’s a good alternative to those who can’t afford a PC to run it.

Yeah, it looks good but it doesn’t look like too much of an improvement over Crysis 2. These levels might not be a good indication, though.

 If anything, it just looks like the game’s been more polished on PC. Especially since E3. It looks a tad bit better. Overall though, has the multiplayer won you guys over?

 I’m in the “maybe” camp. It’s my first experience with Crysis, but I liked what I played.

I played a handful of matches last night. It is very fast paced, as has been said, but I like it. However, I wouldn’t really spend too much time with it as I’m not big into multiplayer shooters anymore. And I’m just too bad at it to consider getting really into it anyway. I am interested in actually playing the single player part now, though.

I enjoyed the single player back at E3. There was a nice challenge and it mixed the things I liked about the first two games in the series. Darrin, I’d definitely recommend picking up the first two games.
The Crysis 3 is scheduled to end February 12th. The game will release the following week, February 19th, for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.
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