3DS Launch Titles

So, the 3DS is out, and with it comes the launch titles that accompany every new gaming system. And seeing as it’s a Nintendo system, the games are all family friendly, but they aren’t all pastel colours. There are the usual DS titles, with Nintendogs + Cats and Pilotwings Resort being realeased. But there are some more interesting games. So, lets do a round up.

The first interesting one is Rayman 3D. Rayman is a solid platforming adventure game for the 3DS. It’s just a port of the classic title Rayman 2: The Great Escape, so for those who’ve yet to have the pleasure of a playthrough, having a go in 3D is definitely an added bonus.

Lego Star Wars III: Here’s the nice surprise about the Clone Wars-themed Lego Star Wars game: not only is it good, but it feels just like a console game. You could argue the game doesn’t need 3D at all, but the birds-eye-view levels almost become little dioramas with the 3D slider turned up. With its plethora of characters and extras, this is a launch game that’ll last a while.

Super Monkey Ball 3D: We love the Super Monkey Ball franchise, but the 3DS version seems a little sparse. The 70-plus levels don’t get significantly challenging until about halfway through the game. There are two minigames, though: a Mario Kart-like racer that feels like a whole separate game, and a 4-player mini-brawl that’ll kill a few minutes, provided you can round up three other 3DS owners.

The other launch day titles include: Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, Steeldriver and Madden Football.

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