2K Games Releases XCOM: Enemy Unknown Developer Deep Dive Video

  • Cooldude1990

    Great developers behind this

  • V.Tiger


  • Jack Stiles

    Are there any excellent 2d isometric rts’s like xcom that have multiplayer/coop? Dont contain any of the blizzard video games or any westwood games. We have currently attempted those.

  • Numbers


  • Tokyo Info Updater

    I want to know trigger I really want to pre order it, seems brilliant and I cant wait!
    No Friacias games or whichever explained it would be introduced in the fall, but when?

  • Gloria Hester

    So 1 of my favored reviewers alternative Xcom as one particular of their leading 10 most predicted game of 2011. In the short 2 minutes he talks about how its an alien game wherever you defend your home from aliens or some thing like that. 1st what ive seen, it appears fairly interesting, can somebody sum up how the game is like? Is it cooperative? Whats the story and objective about? Why does it require approach as an FPS? Why do individuals hate it so much??!?!? I NEEDZ TO KNO!!!

  • Christy

    Are there any latest turn based technique game titles comparable to fallout or XCOM? Introduced after 2002

  • Saundra Jarvie

    Just level up get the best weapon and armor and you win. There is practically no way to quit you.

    Even video games like Alpha Centauri, Master of Orion, and Xcom call for a lot more strategy than this. What the heck occurred to these games. How could a thing so stupid and straightforward like WOW be so popular?

  • Marcie Thach

    bear in mind xcom it was a brilliant video game is there any games like xcom?

  • alberto s

    remember xcom it was a awesome game is there any games like xcom?

  • Willie

    I want them… and I want to be able to play them with Vista as my operating system.

    I dont care If I have to pay for them or if they are free downloads.


  • Cliffy N

    Just wondering. I’m planning on getting one or the other this year.

  • ttocs

    Why is nba 2k9 the only 2k sports game on pc?
    is it possible for them to make MLB 2k9 on pc as well?

  • opurt

    Just wondering, and no LeBron haters.

  • rashest_hippo

    Here’s mine:

    2008 Celtics
    2002 Nets
    2001 Lakers
    2001 76ers
    2004 Pacers
    2004 Pistons
    2002 Magics
    1993 Suns
    2002 Celtics

  • Dana G

    or are there features missing/ is the gameplay not as good?

  • Scott Bull

    2k is just a plain bad game, my player mode is kinda fun but it gets old. Are there any other baseball games i can play on xbox or any coming out soon. I know ps3 has a good baseball franchise but i don’t have a ps3

  • Jesse

    If you dont know what antiman is go to and youll know and will be able to answer.

    All of the basketball hall of famers and current nba players have allowed these games to include them but michael jordan does not want to unless this game pays him.

  • Xbox360king

    I sometimes use them when I reach the Playoffs in Season.