2012 International Mobile Gaming Awards – Nominees Announced

  • Malinda Shurtliff

    I have a mac mini as my major pc and would like to know if the new telltale game, Again to the Future, will operate appropriately on it. Right Here are the specs:

    Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed:2.4 GHz
    Range Of Processors:1
    Total Quantity Of Cores:2
    L2 Cache:3 MB
    Memory:2 GB
    Chipset Model:NVIDIA GeForce 320M
    VRAM (Total):256 MB

  • Sergio

    I am 18 and this is my first chance to vote but I haven’t gotten a chance to look at each of the nominees views on different subjects. Is there a site I can go to that either has the actual views of the nominees or one that compares them?

    Thanks for the help!

  • TommyKay

    I just started watching awards shows and it seemed like some of the nominees in the different categories were much weaker than others. (Example the Dark Knight for favorite movie, how many kids actually watched that?) (Also nominating the suite life of zack and cody for favorite tv show, aren’t they only showing reruns of that show?) so I was wondering who decides on the nominees?

  • Jason

    I was just curious to know how to unlock the awards to get new stuff in the avatar marketplace.

  • Wooooody

    I am giving out awards to my 9th grade Biology students next week at a school wide awards presentation. I am trying to think of some different awards. I am already giving out “Most Improved” and “Outstanding Academic Achievement”. I was also thinking “Most Enthusiastic”.

    Can you think of some other awards I could give students that are not just highest grades type thing.

    I don’t want anything silly. I don’t want anything elementary school like. It’s a serious awards thing with parents and everything there.

    Thanks for your help!

  • fattiemanny

    I am looking to get a new airline awards credit card. I have no loyalty to any particular airline, but I would like to find one that offers the best incentives, and ease of use.

  • simply complicated

    Im part of the program committee in our upcoming high school reunion. This will be the first reunion, almost ten yrs after we graduated from high school, therefore I wanted it to be a blast. What additional games and awards can you suggest?
    Here’s my idea:
    game: trivia question
    awards: travelled the longest distance award; Changed the most award; earliest to get married award; first and late to register award…
    Anything to add to my idea???
    Thanks in advance

  • Moore, Ron

    Just finished the first chapter of the game and had a few minor quirks and questions.

    Fair warning now, there WILL be spoilers, if you havent finished the game or the tv series, stop reading now.


    1. Why does no one seem to care that Larry decks Lee( who i will now refer to in first person) and leaves me to die when escaping the drug store? I mean, Clementine WATCHES me get nailed after saving HER life for the second time, yet seems to just forget it right after.
    Not to mention, Lee, who should be furious and beating Larry’s face in, just calmly and casually talks to Larry right afterwards. Even Kenny, Duck’s father, who saves me seems to not give a crap.
    Like seriously, was I the only one absolutely pissed off about it? Even if in-game i side with Larry when i first meet him, he still seems to hate me.
    Makes me feel like this games in-game decisions really dont make that much of an impact in the long-run.

    2. Might just be me but i sensed possible romance (either that journalist girl with the sharp aiming, or piece of trash fat man’s daughter) Any conformation as to romance options in later chapters?

    3. How will our current game decisions move over to next chapters ?
    Is there some sort of “save file” in the installation directory ?

    4. Lastly, How often do new chapters come out?


  • Sir fliesalot

    For example, what if Taylor Swift simply decided not to show up for the CMA or ACM awards and not tell anyone? Would she still get the awards, or would they be given to the runner-up?

  • friendly 4

    I need some awards given in the armed forces for doing a deed of courage (such as the purple heart).
    But what are some other ones?

  • ScRSC

    I have a research paper, and this would be one of my points to it.
    I need to know how many literary awards are given to books in this day and age.

    And maybe if you know how many awards were given to books/poems/etc in different, past time periods.

    This is a tricky one, so if you even have the slightest idea, I will be eternally grateful!

    Thank you.