2011: Have fun cinema lovers

Welcome to 2011, the year were your gonna be forced to pay for truck loads of popcorn. This year there is going to be a 35mm ambush, as the cinema world has pumped out a slurry of mind tingling delights. Films coming to your screen this year, look to be a barrage of spine shuddering sensations. With; prequels, sequels, re-imaginings and even a genre collaborations of Spaghetti western and Science fiction. Who wouldn’t want to start setting up there campsite outside the cinema right now. But before your decide to make the Odeon pavement your new temporary home for the next 12 months, stick around to see the true diamonds of this year.

Comic movies seem to be the new black this year, with dozens in commission and hitting the silver screen. But there are a couple that really have me excited. Number 1 is the DC’s Green spandex, jewellery loving jet pilots jump to the big screen. The Green Lantern Movie. This is going to be marvel comic movies largest adversary this year. Finally one of the popular DC comic heroes is getting his shot on the big screen, as it promises to deliver the true world and character of Hal Jordan(Ryan Reynolds). As it follows the transition from everyday Jet pilot(like its such a common occupation), to Space cop. In my opinion this is going to be the movie that gives recognition to the comic, and actually allows the green lantern to take his place in the hearts of movie/comic fanatics and commoners.Think of it as both an education for the new and a treat for the old. This film releases June 17th.

As well as DC’s Green emerge onto the screens, Marvel has more then a few of there classics comics turn movie on show(Strike when the irons hot and all that). There’s X-men: First Class which is a prequel reboot, which shows the group before the movie world squeezed all the life out of the franchise. The movie basically shows the story of magneto and Xavier when they were the best-est pals, trying to build a school for mutants. But the two marvel films that are really prominent this year, are Captain America: The first avenger and Thor. Now if you know your avengers, you would know that along with heroes like Iron man (Who has had his chance in the cinema). Thor and Capt America are also big parts of the Avengers crew, and since there’s a Avengers movie in the works. It would be a good idea to give the world some knowledge of where they came from. Hence two films which show the origins of the heroes. Although don’t think of them as cheap efforts to fuel the avengers movie, a lot of work has gone into them. In my opinion the better of the two looks to be Thor. Now ive known about and liked Captain America over Thor, all my life i guess. But from looking at trailers, i can say with an honest heart. That i would prefer to sit in a cinema and watch Thor. Thor who is played by Chris Hemsworth, who if you don’t know any other movies hes from. HES CAPTAIN KIRK! well not exactly. If you have had the delight of watching the 2009 Star Trek, Chris plays George Kirk, James .T. Kirks father at the beginning of the film. The film also features stars such as Natalie Portman and the great welsh actor Anthony Hopkins. The film follows the Norse Gods fall from power, and exile on earth. Through the film Thor must deal with Frost Giants, Loki’s scheming and even Daddy issues. But its not all doom and gloom, it also has some subtle humour and a love interest. But to be honest i just wanna see him plant that hammer into a baddies face. Thor & Captain America are in cinemas May 6th & July 22nd.

Lets move away from Comic book movies for a second, and look onto one of if not the most humorous sequel of the new year. Hangover 2,  yeah you heard me right they’ve done a second. The new film will follow the rambunctious gang as they head to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding. So we can presume a few things right off the bat. One: There will be a hangover, hence the film name. Two: There will be a lot of debauchery and hi-jinx that will end in a lot of trouble, most likely being held by the Thailand police. Three: Alan will have a amazing beard and will give us gems of knowledge, most of which will change our perceptions of normality for ever. For instance: ”Tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon.” Four: The film will have some of the best cameos roles ever, Tyson is there again. As well as Liam Neeson and Bill Clinton…ok. This film is going to be so funny, I’m afraid that I’m going to break my laugh box. I think I’m going to need a 80’s style laugh training Rocky montage to get me ready. Hangover 2 debuts in cinemas May 26th.

Back to Sci-Fi. Super 8 is the new annoying yet entrancing film from J.J Abram. Just like his previous movie Cloverfield, Super 8 is being kept totally secret. The mans either a marketing genius or the devil. To be kept in suspense is a horrible feeling, but if it works it works. The  film can only be talked about in hush tones, so im whispering as i write. What we know so far about the film is that it has something to do with a monster/alien, escaping from a container. Which was on its way to area 51 by train, but was intentionally derailed by a pick up truck. The film is set in the 80’s. The film name refers to a old camera, and at the end of the trailer the words ”scariest thing i ever saw” scrolls up the camera lens. Really there’s not a lot more i can tell you, this could be a masterpiece of cinema for all i know. I guess your gonna have to decide for yourselves if its worth your money, the film releases in cinemas August 19th.

This next film is just titillating to me. The combinations of Cowboys & Aliens, is one so simply stunning that it makes me speechless. Cowboys & Aliens features two great action stars. James bond(Daniel Craig) and Indiana Jones(Harrison Ford), who are basically humanities last hope against a 1873 alien invasion. The story follows Jake Lonergan(Daniel Craig) who awakes with a strange device attached to his wrist. Coincidentally a spaceship arrives over Arizona, and there not exactly here for keyboard and light interaction. Now Jake(Craig) and Col. Woodrow(Ford), along with a posse of men are the wild west last hope. The surreal idea just has so many possibilities, the fact that they’ve effortlessly intertwined two contrasting worlds together and make it into a watchable movie.  I think that if you don’t go see this film, even after just seeing the title. Then there is something wrong with you. The film releases Release in cinemas July 29th.

The Thing is back! Get yourself down to B&Q, we need a dozen needles and a blowtorch. Now if you have seen the classic horror film, don’t get your hopes up for seeing the rugged looks of R.J MacReady. Because this film focuses on the Norwegian crew who first discovered the spaceship that was frozen in the Antarctic wasteland. This looks like a promising concept in my opinion, if you loved the original then you’ll probably love this one. But that’s not saying that this is a definite great. but it shows a lot of promise considering its predecessor. I’m excited to see what the film can do 30 years on. If you like Shape shifting murderous aliens, Norwegian men with beards or are found of snow. This film could be right up your alley, the film releases in cinemas April 29th

The war has gone on too long, we must end it…we have lost too much. No not Autobots, Megan fox. Shes not here anymore, but alas we have got a new girl and she isn’t bad at all. Transformers: Dark of the moon is looking to be one of my favourite releases of the new year. The story focusing on the hidden reason for the Apollo moon landing, which was too research a crash alien ship. The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and learn its secrets, which could turn the tide in the Transformers final battle. So expect even more immaculate visual battles, now in space. Even if you don’t love the transformers, the movies features such amazing graphics that you could relate them to pieces of art. Hopefully this film will answer some long lost mysteries, and for the harsh critics of Transformers: Revenge of the fallen. You’ll be pleased to learn that Bay has removed the twins. Damn You Critics…Damn You All To Hell! A must see of 2011, in cinemas July 1st.

Well, here is a list of the potential greats of this year, use them wisely my son. Ill leave you with a Film quote, if you think you know it post the title in the comments. ”All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the Corps! A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the Corps!” Peace!


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