2000s Inspired 3D Platformer Skylar & Plux Out Now

Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island

Let’s take a trip back to 2001 with a new 3D platformer.

Publisher Grip Digital and developers Right Nice Games has released a new platformer, Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island. The game is a love letter to classic platformers such as Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank.

Right Nice Games developed Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island with inspirations from games created over the previous decade. The developer looks to pay homage with the beloved genre by mixing addictive platforming gameplay along with puzzles and a lighthearted story, all of which is set in a beautifully designed world.

The game stars Skylar Lynxe, a snow cat with a mysterious past and a robotic arm. Lynxe needs to stop evil industrialist CRT from destroying Clover Island and its many secrets. Obviously, doing this is not going to be an easy task, which is why Lynxe has her trusty sidekick, Plux Owlsley, by her side.

To take down CRT and stop his evil plans, the Skylar will have a bevvy of tools at her disposal such as a jetpack and powerful Magnetic Glove. Our heroes can also wield the mysterious power of the island’s Time Orbs.

The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To celebrate the launch of this new title, it’s currently discounted for the next two weeks. After this sale, the game will be available for $14.99.

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