15 games that influenced you on a subconscious level…ok GO!

The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen videogames you’ve played that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. play this game with me in the comments, I would love to see your choices!!

AND REMEMBER…This is NOT a top 15 list…these aren’t in order…just 15 games I will always remember as they come to my mind in the allotted time of 15 minutes and why:

I love her

1.  Mirrors Edge – One day, I will right a script based on this game.  The game itself is probably developer DICE’s best looking game to date “at least until the release of Battlefield 3”.  Just beautiful art direction and the limited color palette is perfect for a sterile society overrun by an extremely corrupt government.

The ONLY game set in a jungle with a cool hero on an adventure...

2.  Flashback – This is the first game I can remember that taught me about flow and rhythm gaming…too fun, and probably the basis for the next game I will mention.

...hey wait a minute?...I saw this somewhere before in the 80's hmmm...

3.  Uncharted – When I reached the Nazi Submarine in the middle of the jungle on that waterfall, there was a cliffside near it.  I climbed the cliffside, and about 15 minutes later reached a cave on the cliffside.  I came out of the cave, and damn.  I had to set the controller down and take it all in.  It was sunset, and the birds were flying past the sun, that sat at the back on the horizon behind the jungle.  The jungle was so lush and vibrant with trees swaying in the wind, and…yeah…Epic moment in an Epic game.


4.  Bioshock – The first game to literally scare the shit out of me.  The ONLY game to date that scared me enough to throw my controller and turn the tv off, literally, I jumped up and ran to the tv and turned it off cuz I didn’t want to see what was happening lol.  The momenet was my first encounter with a big daddy, and he just out of nowhere charged at me with that hell drill and tried to drill it through my stomach!  Good idea – playing games…Bad idea – playing THIS game for the FIRST time, BY YOURSELF AT 1:30AM ON A STORMY NIGHT WITH 5.1 surround sound maxed out!! lol

No words necessary...except these ones to tell you no words necessary

5.  Marvel vs Capcom – Do I really need to comment?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

6.  Hogans Alley – Probably a shitty game, I can’t remember, but the 1st game in my life that I ever purchased with my own money.  1987, I was 7 years old, parents were divorcing, and acting, writing, and games were my only outlet…this was a shooter game, and I was very angry about the divorce, so after beating Super Mario Bros, and Duck Hunt, I decided to spend my saved allowances on this game.

Riiiiiidge RACERRRRRRR!!!

7.  Ridge Racer series – Ridge City is an awesome fictional city, and this series is perfect for down tempo days when you just wana hear some good thumpin’ techno/house/bass and drift through the wind.  Also, this was my first game crush…I was in love with 永瀬麗子, or in English, Reiko Nagase.  I was 13, and seriously fell in love with her lol.  Best game girl ever 😛

Mario Kart Wiiiiiiiii!!!

8.  Mario Kart – literally have logged over 1,000 hours in these games throughout my life.  Seriously.

The Master Sword, and tissue is now mandatory

9.  The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past – Going down the secret path in the woods through the sunlight as the forest creatures scampered off hastily into the trees as I approached the stone to get the master sword…epic.

Get some

10.  Final Fantasy VII – When I got to the end of disc one, when Sepiroth kills Aries in the Forgotten City, I about died.  This isn’t a joke.  when that happened, I dropped out of school for 4 days.  The funny thing about it, is when I got back to school, everyone was like “where have you been?”  and I would tell people “I got to the end of disc one in FFVII” and they would be like “damn, i’m sorry man, we should’ve warned you”…HAHA!!!! EVERYONE understood my pain!! lol

It's-a-Meee, Maa-rio!

11.  Super Mario 64 – Umm, every Mario game ever changes everything, but this one…good lord…

I'm sorry but...
...the best made and looking race game of all time

12.  Midnight Club: Los Angeles – This is without a doubt, the best recreation of Los Angeles in any format outside of reality.  One of the most fun games I ever played and I don’t know how many hours I’ve logged cruising around LA with my friends in it.  Making your own song playlist, customizing your cars, owning your own garage, and literally knowing the game simply from living in LA…this game is just too much fun.

Memories...sweet memories

13.  GoldenEye 007 – The beginning of my FPS addiction

Yap, memory freakin' lane

14.  Perfect Dark – Talk about getting your Scifi fix back in the day…very pretty game

If you can read this we might be related

15.  PuyoPuyo – Just can’t put it down once you are playing a formidable foe

Again, this is NOT a top 15 list…these games literally came to my mind first.  That’s the rules, live by them, or don’t play lol.  Looking forward to your lists…


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