11 Minutes of Tomb Raider Gameplay

Happy Monday everyone, and with Square Enix’s latest Tomb Raider offering, it is a joyous Monday indeed.
The 11-minute long gameplay video showcases Lara Croft in a frantic attempt to escape from a monastery. She has to eavesdrop on enemies and take them out from behind cover, which is when the video shows off how enemies will adapt to your presence; they’ll create their own cover to duck behind, and try to flank you or throw grenades to force you to come out into the open. We get even more of a look at the Uncharted-esque gameplay, as well as a bit of details into what Lara has to do to track down and rescue a friend who’s been kidnapped as a part of the game’s larger storyline, which focuses on how Lara Croft went from a normal – if a little pampered – young woman into the badass the series has portrayed in previous games. The developers have promised this game will go to some dark places, and if one fairly recent controversy is any indication, they’re living up to that.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself. Tomb Raider hits the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 5th.

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